New Nintendo 2DS XL Animal Crossing Edition Announced for Europe!

Although no official announcement has been made yet, a Special Edition New 2DS XL bundle, paired with Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo has surfaced on Nintendo's UK website.

According to the website, the special bundle will release on July 20th, and will include a special Animal Crossing themed 2DS XL system, with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo pre-installed onto the SD card. The system also comes with an AC adaptor. Interestingly, the description does not note whether or not the bundle comes with an amiibo card included. As amiibo cards are one of the perks of the Welcome amiibo update, it seems strange one would not be included. 

The console has only been announced for Europe, with no word on a release in other countries. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing news!


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018

Most of Nintendo's E3 presentation focused on the latest addition to the Super Smash Bros. Series which was revealed back in March, now with the title Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, launching on December 7th. The majority of their presentation focused on this upcoming title, so there's a lot to get into.

Nintendo kicked things off by going over all the characters in the game, where it was revealed all previous fighters would be in the game. From Pichu to Bayonetta, all characters are here, including Cloud and Snake. Most notable, Link, Zelda and Ganondorf have undergone the largest overhaul to their appearance, but many other characters got tweaks to their appearances, as well as their movesets.

As with any new Smash Bros. game, new fighters are inevitable. While previously we only had Inkling teased, this time around Inklnig was officially revealed, alongside Daisy (who is an echo/clone of Peach), and the long awaited Ridley.

Among other things, an assortment of stages and items we…

Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee - E3 2018

Announced only a few short weeks ago, Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee sure it's time in the limelight at Nintendo's E3 Treehouse demonstration, and it certainly gave us a lot more details about the game. Joined by Bill Trinen and Junichi Masuda, a short 40 minute demonstration of the game took place, and with it, we were given a look into a few more details.

But first, let's quickly go over what was announced in the Direct. As already announced, the Pokeball Plus would be releasing alongside the game, and it's now been announced that each Pokeball Plus will contain a Mew players can add to their game. This will be the only way players can obtain the Mythical Pokemon, as Mew can not be transferred out of Pokemon GO. A special bundle that contains the game as well as the Pokeball Plus accessory was also announced. Currently the bundles can be pre-ordered at JB Hi-Fi for $129, or EB Games for $129.95. The bundles will launch alongside the games on November 16th…

Nintendo's "Smashing" Animal Crossing News - E3 2018

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced, it was no surprise that Villager would return to the series. Whilst this may have been the only Animal Crossing news we received this year, there's still a decent amount to look at to see what's changed.

Undergoing a slight appearance change, his moveset remains mostly the same. The most notable addition would be his special move, which allows the player to see which item they have pocketed, rather than relying on memory. A better overview of his moveset can seen in the Smash presentation, which we covered earlier.

As for the Animal Crossing stages, both Smashville, Towna and City, and Tortimer Island have been confirmed to be returning, the former having a very nice graphical overhaul. All 8 character costumes from the previous title are returning, too, and we expect the Pitfall and Beehive items will return, alongside Isabelle as an Assist Trophy. We also expect the Mii Fighter costumes to make an appearance.

Whilst it may not be the A…

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.5.0 Datamine

As said in our previous post, we didn't expect it'd be long until we received a meatier datamine, and just over a week later, the latest update dropped giving us a glimpse of the upcoming events and features to see in the game over the coming weeks!

Fortune Cookies still seem to be a big thing, and this time we are getting treated to Whitney's Fortune Cookie. As with every cookies we've seen thus far, they are all tied to the villagers personality, and Whitney's ties in with an element, wedding theme.

Weddings may as well be one of the themes of this update, because in unexpected news, the Gyroidite Hunt is to return, peculiarly copying the wedding theme. The Gyroidite is also dressed up in a little wedding outfit, and the rewards grant more wedding themed items.

And fortunately, that's about where the wedding theme stops, but only to bring in yet another theme - historical. You may remember in a previous datamine Lobo, Vic, Eggbert, Robin and Tucker were all adde…

Water Festival Returns to Pokemon GO!

After the success of the second Adventure Week, it comes to no surprise that Niantic would want to keep their user base active, and as such, they've swiftly announced the return of the Water Festival to Pokemon GO which will last until July 21, complete with a  bunch of in-game perks, and bonuses!

As with most themed events, the type in question will receive increased spawns, so expect to see a bunch of Water-type Pokemon poppig up all over the place. Additionally, catching Water-type Pokemon will net you 3x the amount of stardust, so it's a good way to farm if you're in need of powering up Pokemon. Totodile, Mudkip and Corphish have also been added to 2km eggs, and hatching any egg will result in 2x the amount of candy and stardust!

Raid bosses have also been updated slightly, with Shellder and Omanyte appearing in Tier I raids, Croconaw and Marshtomp in Tier II, Starmie, Vaporeon, and Sharpedo in Tier III, and Walrein to Tier IV. Kyogre also appears as a Legendary Raid Bos…