Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.6.0b Datamine

With a few Tweets showing us some unknown events, such as Redd's Mask Emporium, and the third Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt, it was inevitable the next update was incoming, and a datamine would follow up along side. Though small, it seems this update will carry us to the end of the month, so let's take a look at what to expect.

As already mentioned, Redd's Mask Emporium has arrived, which acts similar to Celeste and Brewster. You can craft his Mask Emporium for 350 Leaf Tickets if you want Redd to visit your campsite. Though it is a lot of Leaf Tickets, Redd's Mask Emporium can be crafted until September 17th, so that should be more than enough time for players to craft if they wish.

The third Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt will start on July 20th and will last until the end of the month. This time, players can earn jelly-themed rewards, including clothing and furniture items to decorate their campsite with.

It wouldn't be an update without a fortune cookie, and with it brings B…

New Nintendo 2DS XL Animal Crossing Edition Coming to Australia + New Leaf Joins Nintendo Selects Line

As we had previously announced, a special New Nintendo 2DS XL system paired witih Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo would be coming to Europe, and we've now got word this console will be releasing in Australia on July 21st. Nintendo Australia took to Twitter to share the news, and currently the console can be pre-ordered over at EB Games for $199.95.
This New Nintendo #2DS XL #AnimalCrossing Edition console arrives in stores on July 21st. It also comes with Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo pre-installed! — Nintendo AU NZ (@NintendoAUNZ) July 4, 2018 Additionally, AC:NL - welcome Amiibo will also be joining the Nintendo Selects line, and will receive a price drop down to $29.95 on the same date.
On July 21st, #AnimalCrossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo will join the Nintendo #3DS line-up of #NintendoSelects, for only SRP AU$29.95! — Nintendo AU NZ (@NintendoAUNZ) July 4, 2018 Be sure to follow us on Twitter and T…

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.6.0 Datamine

After what feels like forever since our last datamine, the latest update to Pocket Camp has dropped, and it's given us a lot to talk about.

Unlike the rest of the updates, this one has also given a few tweaks to general gameplay. First of all, the maximum level of villagers has been raised from 20 to 25, and once the player has reached level 124, they require 25 exp per level increment thereafter. You can also sort your animals by levels/theme, and various sorting options for clothing and items has also been added.

Fortune Cookies continue to be a thing, this time introducing us to Roald's Beach Cookie, which comes with a number of beach-themed items. It also appears a Fortune Cookie Bundle item will be added, which might make things a little easier to get these elusive items.

As teased previously, a gardening event involving sunflowers would be taking place, and we can now reveal that it will be called Bloomin' Beauty with Kappn'. This is yet another gardening event, and…