UNIQLO UTGP 2019 Winners - Pokemon Collaboration

Two years ago, we posted about UNIQLO's collaboration with Nintendo under their UTGP 2017 competition. This year,  Nintendo has come through again, with the theme of Pokemon. The winner not only receives $10,000, but will also have their t-shirt featured in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield titles for Nintendo Switch. Read below to check out what Pokemon-themed shirts you can buy at UNIQLO later this year, and what shirt you will be able to wear in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Uncover mysteries in Pokémon GO with POKÉMON Detective Pikachu!

Announced earlier today was a crossover event for Pokemon GO to tie-in with the new Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie releasing later this month. The event will run from 1pm (GMT-7) on May 7th, until 1pm (GMT-7) on May 17th. Keep reading to learn what perks this event will bring!

Like any in game event for Pokemon GO, wild spawns and raid bosses are a shoe-in, thus, Pokemon that appear in the movie will appear more frequently in the wild, as well as raid bosses. What these Pokemon are are currently unknown, but a promo video shows that at least Pikachu, Snubull, Jigglypuff, Aipom and Psyduck will be in this mix somewhere. It also implies Cubone will be here, as well as Charizard, Blastoise, Lickitung, Machamp and Snorlax appearing as raid bosses - though this part is purely speculative. Shiny Aipom will also be released in the wild, according to the Pokemon website.

 Specially themed field research and avatar items will also be available during this period, and any Pokemon caught during t…

Let's Talk About: Pokemon Gen I and II Beta's (Part 2)

In our previous post, we spoke about all the beta Pokemon that were cut out of the first generation games, but what about the second generation? Thanks to a leak last year, the infamous Space World 1997 demo was released for the whole world to see. Let's jump right in!

Smash Version 3.0 Update Announced + Isabelle amiibo Coming in July

Smash fans have been waiting ever since he was announced at last years Game Awards to get their first glimpse as Joker in Smash. With months of silence, and direct rumors coming left and right, Nintendo has instead thrown a curve-ball and uploaded a 15 minute trailer out of the blue, detailing Joker, as well as more features in the Version 3.0 update.

Yoshi's Crafted World - Deep Dive

Those who have already read our review may have an idea as to where this post is going. Whilst we mentioned this is still a great game, it just doesn't live up to Woolly World, and looking back on the titles development, we have come to learn this may not have been the case. Join us as we deep dive into the development of Yoshi's Crafted World for the Nintendo Switch!

Let's Talk About: Pokemon Gen I and II Beta's (Part 1)

Roughly a year ago, we were treated to a special leak of the Space World 1997 demo version of Pokemon Gold and Silver. Inside were a number of unseen Pokemon fans had no idea existed, as well as a bunch of Pokemon that were reworked into later generations. Much less known, however, was another leak earlier this year of an early build of Pokemon Red and Green versions, giving us yet another insight of early Gen I Pokemon. Join us as we take a look into which Pokemon have been scrapped, reworked, and which ones could see the light of day in the newly revealed Sword and Shield!

Food For Thought: Yoshi's Crafted World - Review

After spending the last 24 hours playing through Yoshi's Crafted World religiously, it's time we gather our thoughts on the game and see if the spiritual successor to Yoshi's Woolly World lives up to expectations.