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How Does Animal Crossing: New Horizons Hold Up 6 Months Later? (Re-Review)

Animal Crossing is a series made to be played over a long period of time. When we first reviewed the game it certainly had some growing pains from being in the early stages, but how does it hold up 6 months later? We've had a fair few updates since we last reviewed the title, so let's dive in to see how our thoughts and opinions have changed since then!

Worldwide Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Pre-Order Guide

With the recent news the coveted Animal Crossing amiibo Cards would be receiving a restock in November, in addition to a number of major retailers listing pre-orders on their websites, we've decided to compile all major retailers that currently have pre-orders open for the amiibo cards, to help out any fans willing to get their hands on their favorite villagers!

Buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons At Walmart, Get a Free PopSocket

Most of these purchases bonuses were seen before New Horizons released as pre-order bonuses, but it seems American retailer Walmart has hopped back on the train, and will be giving out an exclusive Animal Crossing themed PopSocket. Full details below!

Nintendo America Holding Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sweepstakes

In celebration of the latest Fall update, Nintendo America is holding a special sweepstake for Animal Crossing: New Horizons for My Nintendo members. The sweepstake is open to all North American and Canadian residents, and you have until 11:59pm PT on November 10th to enter. More details below!

Don't Forget to Claim Your Ash Cap Pikachu in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Not that long ago, we got news in the latest Pokemon Direct that a number of Ash Cap Pikachu would be coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield over the course of the next few weeks. They'll be periodically released via codes, which you can redeem via the Mystery Gift menu. We've compiled codes as they're released, which you can redeem until November 30th!

[SPOILERS] Here's All The New Items in The 1.5.0 Update (and how to get them!)

As we've done previously, we've compiled an image of all brand new items included in the 1.5.0 update. There's well over 100 brand new items included in this update, and many of them have customization options. So if you'd like to know what was added and how to get them, read on right ahead. Beware, this post contains spoilers!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updated to Version 1.5.1

Earlier this week we shared Nintendo's plans to fix a few bugs they'd introduced in Version 1.5.0, in which they told us they'd be sending out a patch ASAP. The update has now been pushed which fixes a number of bugs present in the previous update, which will need to be installed before you can use the games online features. Full details below!