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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day Event + Leif Coming in April

Earlier this morning was a Nintendo Direct Mini which gave us an update on New Horizons, including the Bunny Day Event, and Earth Day which is to follow, and will add everybody favorite Sloth, Leif, to the game! A brief trailer was shown off going over what to expect, and we've included all the relevant information below!

Providing you've downloaded the latest update, Zipper T. Bunny will visit your Island from April 1st - April 12th. He's hidden a number of Eggs on your Island in various locations that you need to track down. From here, you'll be able to Craft a number of items from the Egg Series.

Another update will be coming in April, adding new features and the Earth Day event, and will also add Leif to the game. Currently we don't know if Leif will be added permanently, or simply for the Earth Day Event, but since a number of fruits are missing, as well as Bushes, our fingers are crossed he'll be a permanent addition.

We'll bring more as it comes. Be sur…

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 20

I played a little last night after I made my blog post, but the only note worthy thing I did was move Hoppers house to the area I'd moved Velma's and Flora's. I also ended up moving Tucker over there today. As for the daily announcements, Isabelle informed us that today, Olaf would be leaving Nublar, but there was also someone in the campsite!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 19

There were no announcements today, but Isabelle gave us some good advice for today being a Tuesday "be sure to pace yourselves. Don't overdo it!". It's nice that she still finds something to say even when there isn't anything happening. Seeing her support was really cute, I hope she has more elaborate dialogue on other days of the week! Kind of makes me miss Pascal with his wise words of wisdom.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 18

A nice and sunny day in Nublar, but there were a couple of clouds in the sky, and if you guessed that rain would be coming later, you'd be correct. It only ended up raining for an hour so around noon, and they we saw a nice rainbow in the sky. As for the daily announcements, Isabelle only informed us that today was Hopper's birthday. Happy Birthday, Hopper!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updated to Version 1.1.4

New Horizons has seen yet another update, Version 1.1.4, but before you get your hopes up, there isn't anything too major apart from a few bug fixes and tweaks. We've included details below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 17

Today was yet another rainy day on Nublar, but not just your standard rain, it was a real downpour! There wasn't anything that was going on as far as I was aware, and I'd wondered what Isabelle would say if there wasn't anything to mention during the morning announcements, and instead she just went over the ongoing Bunny Day event. I wonder what she'd actually say if there really wasn't anything going on. Oh well. Now that it was the weekend, I finally had a lot of time to spent developing Nublar (especially with my new design permits in hand!)... but there was one problem... all the work I'd done over the last week with moving houses, well that spaces started looking very cluttered... But before we open that can of worms, there's a few things I want to get done first.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 16

Isabelle opened us up with the morning announcements, which sadly, was that Velma had moved in. Just as I thought, she was exactly who I thought she was, and I'm not very happy to have her on Nublar... The interior of her house does look like it might end up being alright, but that's about all she has going for her.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 15

Today was the day K.K. Slider finally came to Nublar. Tom Nook was rather happy to have achieved such a goal! I thought there'd be a little more time beforehand, before attending the concert, but no. The moment I started up my game, it was party time! Unfortunately I had to wake up early today, but tiredness aside, I was still able to enjoy the concert, and gathered around with the rest of Nublar's residents. He didn't stick around for long, and shortly after his performance, he was back to his home land... wherever that may be.