Latest Pokemon Trailer Shows Off Gigantamax Forms of Classic Pokemon!

Though it may have leaked via CoroCoro a few hours before hand, that didn't stop the latest Pokemon news hyping up fans, revealing Gigantamax Forms for Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, Meowth and Butterfree.
🚨 Galar Research Update 🚨

✅ G I G A N T A M A X
✅ P O K É M O N#PokemonSwordShield will be here before you know it, Trainers.

⚔️🛡️ — Ghost-type Pokémon (@Pokemon) October 16, 2019 The first two "standard" Gigantamax Pokemon are Charizard and Butterfree. You can catch both these Pokemon through normal gameplay from max raid battles, but are said to be very rare. Charizard can use G-Max Wildfire, which will continue to deal damage to any Pokemon it hits for four turns, as long as it isn't a fire type; Butterfree can use G-Max Befuddle, which will cause either the poison, paralysis, or sleep status to any Pokemon it hits.

The other three are "special" Gigantamax Pokemon, being Eevee, Pikachu, and Meowth. Gigantamax …

Animal Crossing: New Horizons @ Nintendo Live 2019

As previously reported, Nintendo Live 2019 would be happening on October 13th and 14th, and Day 1 of Nintendo Live went off with a bang, and whilst we didn't get any new information on New Horizons, we did get a look at their incredibly cute Animal Crossing booth. They even held an hour long Splatoon concert, with a surprise appearance by K.K. Slider himself!

As mentioned, most of what we got was an Animal Crossing themed booth, but as previously reported many characters would be making appearances for photo opportunities, including Tom Nook, Timmy, Tommy K.K. Slider, and Isabelle. Though Isabelle's future in New Horizons has been left unclear, this certainly seems to imply she'll still be a big presence in the game.

The tour starts off with a video presentation from Tom Nook, and then allows attendees to freely view the booth, to see many Animal Crossing themed displays to imitate island life, before finally taking photos with the previously mentioned characters, depending …

Galarian Ponyta Officially Revealed, Exclusive to Pokemon Shield

As previously reported, Galarian Ponyta has been revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but now The Pokemon Company has released a trailer officially revealing the Pokemon, with a few more details that were unknown about the new Ponyta variation.

Galarian Ponyta Revealed in 24 Hour Pokemon Live Stream

Not too long ago, The Pokemon Company held a 24 hour live stream in the Glimwood Tangle Forest, a new area in the Galar region. After teasing for hours, a mysterious new Pokemon showed a few glimpses of itself, before finally unveiling itself in full right near the end.

The Pokemon shown off appears to be a Galarian variant of Ponyta, with many fans speculating it to be Fairy type. It wasn't until the end of the live stream we got a decent glimpse of the Pokemon, where two Ponyta appeared! Twitter user Melwin5359 has uploaded their majestic appearance to their timeline, which you can view below. It's worth nothing that only one had an apparent tail. Whether this is a gender difference, or something else entirely, only time will tell.
I caught the cute moment! — メルウィン5939 (@Melwin5939) October 5, 2019Whilst this new Pokemon hasn't officially been confirmed as Galarian Ponyta, their resemblance is uncanny, and Ponyta's cry was heard numerous tim…

Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Appear at Nintendo Live 2019

Nintendo Live is a Nintendo experience held in Japan where people can go to experience upcoming Nintendo software, and enter official tournaments. This year it will be held on October 13th and 14th, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be there!

During these dates, a "briefing session" will be held explaining Tom Nook's Deserted Island Getaway Package, which most likely goes over what we saw at E3 and during the September direct to get people interested in the game. The website also notes that after the session, you can take a commemorative photo with Tom Nook - plus Timmy and Tommy - at a photo spot to make you feel like you're living on a deserted island. Those who attend the session can enter a lottery to win a special Animal Crossing themed towel. Unfortunately the website notes that there will not be a demo of the game.

At this point it's now known whether or not we'll receive any new information on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or even a new trailer, b…

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening - First Impressions (Nintendo Switch)

Link's Awakening is a game I've never played, I'd never had any interest in it, and the only exposure I had was the DLC pack that came to Hyrule Warriors. When the game was first announced, the visuals just had me hooked, and like many people coming off the Breath of the Wild hype train, I was thirsty for more Zelda.

In Link's Awakening, you start the game ship wrecked on Koholint Island, greeted by Marin and Tarin, until an owl then tells you the only way to get off the island is to awaken the great Wind Fish by playing 8 instruments that can be found within the dungeons scattered across the island, and thus, your journey begins.

As mentioned previously, I've never really been interested in Link's Awakening, or old school Zelda titles for that matter. The mechanics are just too clunky and I simply can't get into them. An issue that was apparently in the original game was constantly switching between items due to the lack of buttons on the GameBoy. We never e…

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Nintendo Switch - First Impressions

Even though we reviewed the game earlier in the year for the PS4, we've got out hands on the Nintendo Switch version and will be going into a mini review, filled with first impressions and comparisons.

Much like the PS4 version, only the first game is present on the physical copy, with the other two needing to be downloaded. In the Switch's case, this download is ~9GB. It's a shame this is still the case for later versions of the game, as it would have been cool to see everything finally on the physical copy.

Being a Switch title, the game obviously saw a downsize, but at first glance you can't really notice much difference as the game still looks great. Granted, we've always preferred gameplay over graphics and framerate. That said, we could definitely see the framerate dropping during the loading sections between worlds, but for a game that looks this good to run on the Switch, this was to be expected. We didn't notice any framerate drops during the actual leve…