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AUSTRALIAN BUYERS GUIDE: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Attention Australians: If you're looking to purchase the highly anticipated title, but can't decide which store to purchase from? Fear not, we've included all major retailer links for those in Australia. If you want to find where to get the cheapest price, or best pre-order bonus, we're you're one-stop-shop!

We've included the games, bundles, and accessories for every major retailer in Australia. If we've left any out, please let us know and we'll be sure to update!
Note: The game is not included in the Limited Edition Switch bundle in Australia

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Limited Edition Console - $469SOLD OUTSwitch Carry Case (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ed.) - $39SOLD OUTSwitch Lite Carry Case (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ed.) - $39SOLD OUTAnimal Crossing New Horizons - $68- Prime Members can get a further $5 off Amazon AU purchases
Note: Amazon is periodically receiving stock of the Limited Edition Console Big W
Animal Crossing: New Horizons L…

Brand New Facial Customization Options Shown via Japanese Twitter Account

Yesterday we got two new trailers from the Japanese Animal Crossing Twitter account, and now they've shown off two more videos that show off a lot of the customization options, from eye and hair color, to mouth and nose shape!

Two two videos are embedded below, and seem to show off that you can change your facial and hair features at any time by interacting with a mirror or vanity that you've placed in your house. It's really nice to see some items that have been in the came forever finally get some use!
好きなだけ身だしなみを整えて、なりたい自分になってちょうだいね! — どうぶつの森 (@doubutsuno_mori) February 26, 2020ちなみに、無人島でも身だしなみは整えられるから安心してちょうだいね!
鏡やドレッサーがあれば、いつでも手軽にイメチェンできるだなも♪ — どうぶつの森 (@doubutsuno_mori) February 26, 2020We've complied all these options in one easy to see image in our Masterpost. You can view the guide here. Be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay u…

Nintendo Japan Releases Two More New Horizons TV Commercials

With just under a month until release, it's to be expected that we'd get even more news outside of the latest Direct. Nintendo has now released two more trailers for the game, that will air as TV commercials in Japan, and they give us a better look at the game, as well as show off a few new features!

The majority of the trailer isn't anything we haven't already seen, though it shows the player catching a Hermit Crab on the beach, a Snail appearing on a rock - which only previously appeared on flowers - and some strange creatures on the rocks by the sea.

Finally, we get some confirmation on the mysterious Ocarina that showed up in the Direct, with this trailer confirming it will at least be playable in some capacity, which we find very exciting! We also get a small glimpse at what we assume to be part of the opening cut scene, though this could easily be a CGI made specifically for the trailer.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases on March 20th! Be sure to follow BidoofC…

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct - Hidden Details

Just this week we received a meaty Animal Crossing Direct that gifted us a glorious 20 minutes of footage. Whilst they did go over a tonne of information in the Direct, there certainly are a lit of hidden details hidden in the background of certain scenes. We've decided to compile everything we could find in one simple place!

To help make things easier, we've include timestamps in brackets at certain points of interest, so if you want to check some of these things out for yourself, just head to the Timestamp in the Direct.

First off, we'll start with all the new tools and handheld items we've noticed.You probably already noticed the Fan, so we'll negate that here, as well as the standard tools, but did you also realize there's a lot more variants of tools this time around? By this point, you're probably already familiar with the Flimsy Tools and Standard Tools that have appeared in previous games, so we'll just go over the new variants we spotted. Two ima…

Full Series of Animal Crossing Mocchi Mocchi Plush Revealed

Earlier this year, we exclusively revealed a number of Animal Crossing Mocchi Mocchi Plush that would be releasing later this year, along with a few other franchises, such as Zelda and Splatoon. Now, the International Toy Fair 2020 has given us a nice detailed look of the full range of plush, and a few more pieces of merch we didn't know about, courtesy of Nintendo World Report!

Our original article mentioned that in the Animal Crossing series, Tom Nook and Isabelle would be receiving Mega Mocchi Mocchi Plush, but also exclusively revealed that these two, plus an Apple and Leaf, would be getting Mini Mocchi Mocchi and Clip-On Plushes, which have now been shown off, and are expected to release in August.

We also got a look at a previously unannounced series of Animal Crossing Danglers, that will be available in Gachapon-styles capsules, which will randomly give you Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Lottie, Peanut, or Butch.

As for the other series, a previously unannounced Octorok Mega Moccih Mo…

PowerA Animal Crossing Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch (K.K. Slider Edition) - Review

A few weeks back, we reported that PowerA would be releasing two Animal Crossing themed controllers for Nintendo Switch. We've been fortunate enough to receive a copy of the K.K. Slider themed controller, and have had ample time to test it out!

First and foremost, we'd never heard of PowerA before the Animal Crossing controllers got revealed. However, they are a pretty big company that have released a huge variety of controllers. When we first reported this news, we received two responses that praised this company, hollow--crossing wrote "I own a Pokemon version of these controllers, they’re pretty good", and bebebese added "... from looking at reviews these are some of the best third party controllers out there ... I'm definitely picking one up for local multiplayer", which could only mean good things for this controller.

When it arrived, we were in complete awe at just how beautiful it looks, we didn't even want to take it out of the packaging, and …

Fresh Faces

Like any Animal Crossing title, New Horizons introduces a variety of new villagers and special characters. We've decided to go through and list all the ones we've spotted, and all the information we currently know about them.

BidoofCrossing's Dedicated Animal Crossing Discord Server

To help keep up with the hype of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and to help others experience the game online, we've launched our very own dedicated Animal Crossing Discord server.


Whilst we are trying our best to bring the community together, please note that the team at Bidoof Crossing is small, thus the Discord is under a trial period; and depending on how heavy it gets, it may be discontinued in the future. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you enjoy being apart of our community!