Spyro Reignited Trilogy Nintendo Switch - First Impressions

Even though we reviewed the game earlier in the year for the PS4, we've got out hands on the Nintendo Switch version and will be going into a mini review, filled with first impressions and comparisons.

Much like the PS4 version, only the first game is present on the physical copy, with the other two needing to be downloaded. In the Switch's case, this download is ~9GB. It's a shame this is still the case for later versions of the game, as it would have been cool to see everything finally on the physical copy.

Being a Switch title, the game obviously saw a downsize, but at first glance you can't really notice much difference as the game still looks great. Granted, we've always preferred gameplay over graphics and framerate. That said, we could definitely see the framerate dropping during the loading sections between worlds, but for a game that looks this good to run on the Switch, this was to be expected. We didn't notice any framerate drops during the actual leve…

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Information Round Up (September 4th Nintendo Direct)

It's been just under 3 months since we last saw any gameplay of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and a lot has changed! Read below for the latest information on Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

The latest Nintendo Direct gave us a decent 5 minute look at New Horizons. Of course, it was nowhere near as long as what we got during E3, but there's still a lot we have learned from the latest trailer. Here's all the information we gathered from the latest Nintendo Direct:

- Dodo Airlines is the name given to the previously unseen and unnamed airport during E3 - New flowers that resemble poppies are shown. They were shown to come in red and white variations - Villager speech bubbles have received a slight redesign - Two new NookPhone apps were shown off. One appears to be a "my design" app, the other is symbolized by a book with a human face on it, which could possibly be a "friends list"
- Your NookPhone can be customized with phone cases - Fruit is required to be eate…

More Animal Crossing: New Horizons Info Detailed in Latest Nintendo Direct

It was only September last year when we first got wind of a new Animal Crossing, though we didn't see an official reveal until E3 this year. Now, a year after it's initial reveal, we've been given our second trailer at the game. The latest Nintendo Direct showcased a good 5 minutes of Animal Crossing New Horizons gameplay which you can view below.

There are a number of details that were also shown off in the trailer, which we've detailed more in depth here (coming soon!). We were also given a number of direct feed screenshots which we've included below! Animal Crossing: New Horizons is scheduled to release on March 20th, 2020 for Nintendo Switch.

Customise Your Mobile With These Cute Animal Crossing Backgrounds

In a tie-in with the current Pocket Camp and Sanrio collaboration going on in the app at the moment, the official Isabelle Twitter account has shared some cute mobile phone backgrounds that you can save and use right away.

If you wish to use one of these mobile backgrounds, simply save the photos in the Tweet and set it as your background or home screen!

To celebrate all the cool items you can get from the Sanrio Characters Collection, we have some free mobile wallpapers for you! Here are Rilla, Chai and Marty. Who wouldn't want one of those charming faces staring up from their phone screen? — Animal Crossing UK (@AC_Isabelle) August 10, 2019
Here are some more mobile wallpapers for you! Enjoy seeing Chelsea, Toby and Étoile light up your screen every day. But, the question is...who will you pick? Chelsea, Toby, Étoile or maybe all three?! — Animal Crossing UK (@AC_Isabelle) August 10, 2019

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – A Heroic Presentation

As we previously posted, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be receiving it's own Direct hosted by none other than Sakurai himself. As expected, this presentation went over The Hero's moveset, and showed off a few more features from the 4.0.0 update.

Sakurai starts off by playing a development version of Smash Ultimate and goes over The Hero, showing off the differences between each costume, including the different voice actors for each one, and then by going over their moveset, alongside their unique MP mechanic, and of course, their Final Smash. You can see all the details in full in the presentation below!

Whilst the majority of the presentation went over The Hero, towards the end we saw a few more additions, including some Mii Fighter costumes based off the Dragon Quest series, as well as an updated Final Smash meter, which now depletes over time when it's full, making players use it before it runs out and lose their Final Smash. Adventure Mode also receives a Very Easy di…

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Announced for July 30th

The month after E3 is always a slow one, with news slowly dropping until the regular programming hits back around August/September, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo giving us a few more details, including a release date for Luigi's Mansion 3, and now a Direct for Smash Ultimate, which will give us a release date for The Hero, and it will be 22 minutes long!

The Direct will be hosted by Sakurai himself and will go into detail over The Hero's moveset, as well as give us a concrete release date, outside of the Summer 2019 (or Winter 2019 for us Australians) window we received at E3.
Join #SmashBrosUltimate Director Masahiro Sakurai on 30/7, 11pm AEST in a video presentation featuring an in-depth look at upcoming DLC Fighter, Hero from the #DragonQuest series! Alongside new details, he’ll reveal when the fighter will arrive.
Tune in: — Nintendo AU NZ (@NintendoAUNZ) July 29, 2019The announcement also states it will feature &quo…

Luigi's Mansion 3 Gets a Fitting October 31st Release Date

With no release date given during E3, and only given a brief 2019 release date, it was inevitable Luigi's Mansion 3 would be receiving an update sooner or later to still meet its targeted release date. Nintendo have now announced that the game will be getting a rather fitting release date, being October 31st, also known as Halloween.

Nintendo games usually release on Friday's these days, but it seems with this title Nintendo are shaking things up a bit to give it something a little more special, as a haunted Luigi's Mansion game makes perfect sense to release on Halloween, which is a Thursday this year.
Check in to a haunted hotel getaway this Halloween when #LuigisMansion3 comes to #NintendoSwitch on October 31st!

More info: — Nintendo AU NZ (@NintendoAUNZ) July 18, 2019
EB Games have also announced a special pre-order bonus, coming with an exclusive glow in the dark steelbook.
Just Announced: Luigi's Mansion 3 coming 31 Oct…