Animal Crossing: New Horizons Marketing Material Hits The West

Just a few hours ago we noted how it was very possible we could get new info in the coming week, as well as the fact a delay was not possible due to the amount of marketing material in Japan. At the time of posting there was no such material outside of Japan, but it seems Tom Nook has heard us, and now promo material has started popping up in Walmart stores across the US and Canada.

The material itself is minimal and doesn't show off anything new, but it's great to see the game get promoted across the globe, and still reinforcing a stern March 20th release date. The material shows the game running on the three variations of the Switch Lite. Some have speculated this means there won't be an AC themed S-Lite on launch, and instead have assumed a special edition Switch will be revealed.
Found my local Walmart has already prepared for the Animal Crossing release! Got me pretty excited! ☺️ — Chase! (@ChasekCrossing) January 17, …

Animal Crossing: New Horizons News Could Be Coming Later This Week

We've already reported that the latest issue of Nintendo Dream (due out tomorrow!) could contain some more information about the highly anticipated Animal Crossing title, but Coro Coro has recently announced it will have an "exclusive scoop" in it's next issue.

Whilst the issue promises exclusive scoop, it's very possible the news could come out beforehand. Pokemon titles have been known to feature in Coro Coro, but in recent years, the majority of the information is either released in an official trailer a few days before hand. Of course, this may not apply to Animal Crossing, but Coro Coro has lost a part of its "exclusivity" in recent years. The issue isn't due out until February 15th, though Coro Coro almost always leaks onto the internet a few days before.

It's not indicative of anything, but a lot of the stars are aligning for a New Horizons information blow out sooner rather than later. It's worth noting the game isn't even availabl…

Second New Horizons Pre-Order Bonus for Australia Announced, JB Hi-Fi Exclusive

As we previously reported, we expected JB Hi-Fi stores in Australia to offer a special pre-order bonus to rival EB Games at some point, and today is that day, with exactly what they're offering has been revealed, though it still reminds somewhat of a mystery.

The page for New Horizons on their website has been updated to say it will include a pre-order bonus pin, but does not include any images of what it will look like. It notes that the pin will be chosen at random, so we expect it to be the ones we've already seen, but we can't say for certain. 

When the design gets revealed, we'll update this post accordingly. Be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news.

First New Horizons Pre-Order Bonus Announced for The US!

After an agonising wait for those in The Americas, seeing many other countries receive pre-order bonuses for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the first pre-order has been announced for those in the US, and it's a Best Buy exclusive.

The pre-order bonus is this sweet looking Tom Nook phone badge, which is definitely one of our favorites so far. We wonder if similar to the key-chains in the UK, if the phone badges will be exclusive to other stores, with Isabelle and K.K. Slider to come. Only time will tell.

This is what we hope to be the first of many exclusives in the US, but the only one announced thus far. If any more appear, we'll be sure to post them. For those in Australia, we've got another pre-order bonus coming soon, so stay tuned! As always, be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Featured in This Weeks Famitsu Magazine

Famitsu is a weekly Japanese magazine which goes over upcoming games, and most wanted games in Japan. Animal Crossing: New Horizons held the #1 spot for most wanted game for 8 weeks straight, and has consistently been in the top 3 since June 2019. This weeks Famitsu magazine contained four pages of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, explaining upcoming features, and showing off artwork and in-game pictures.

The four pages features a nice amount of information, including DIY crafts, Nook Miles, the seasons, and the newly added hemisphere option. Some new screenshots were also shown off, but they're nothing more than HQ stills from the trailers we've already seen.
Weekly Famitsu magazine issue #1624 scans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. — DemiFiendRSA (@DemiFiendRSAalt) January 15, 2020Sadly, our translations reveal there isn't any new information listed, and it's simply just an overview of what we already kn…

Smash Direct Coming Later This Week

After last weeks Pokemon Direct, Nintendo fans were expecting a general Nintendo Direct this week, though Nintendo has thrown yet another curve ball at us, announcing a special Smash Direct will end the week out, which will reveal the last character in the Season 1 Fighter Pass.

Not much information was given other than a cryptic tweet. It will be a 35 minute long presentation that will reveal the new fighter, and go over them in detail. If it's anything like the previous presentations Sakurai has done, we're in for a treat! On 16/01 at 14:00 (UK time), join #SmashBrosUltimate director Masahiro Sakurai for a roughly 35 minute-long livestream featuring an in-depth look at an upcoming DLC fighter! The fighter will be unveiled in the video.

Watch it here on 16/01: — Nintendo UK VS (@NintendoUKVS) January 14, 2020For those of us in Australia, the direct will be at 1am Friday morning AEST. For the rest of the world, it will be on the Th…

Sign Ups Now Open for Galar Newcomers Online Competition

The second official online competition for Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to go underway at the end of the month, and just for participating you can net yourself an easy 50 BP (that's Battle Points for those who aren't up to date with the Pokemon lingo).

Like most online competitions, this one has a rule set, limiting the use of only Pokemon that were introduced in the Galar region, and thankfully this included regional variants. You can find more information over at the official website. To sing up, simply open up the menu and select the VS option. From there, select Battle Stadium, Online Competitions, then Search Official Competitions, and you're all set. Sign ups will last until 3:59PM PST on January 30th, with the competition kicking off the next minute, lasting through to February 2nd at 3:39PM PST.

Though the reward is only 50 BP this time around, official tournaments have been known to give out exclusive Pokemon, including Shiny's, in the past. If you're loo…