Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Version 2.0.0 Announced, Releasing November 5th

Yesterday's Animal Crossing Direct held a HUGE blow out of information of what's to come to New Horizons in November. The latest update will come on November 5th, and adds a whole lot of new content to the game, some free, but some paid. We've got details below on what to expect!

Free Content
Brewster and Kapp'n - these two beloved characters will be making their debut in New Horizons! As previously teased, Brewster will once again run his cafe, The Roost, on the top level of The Museum. Here, players can purchase a cup of coffee and chat with their favorite barista. Additionally, The Roost will hold an amiibo phone, where you can invite villagers via their amiibo card/figure to come and chat with you. You can also drink coffee with your friends via local or online play, and your Villagers living on your Island may stop by from time to time.
Kapp'n will dock his boat on the pier and take you out to new Mystery Islands for 1,000 Nook Miles. These Islands may hold new flora and wildlife, and also be in different seasons to your main Island!

Gyroids and Cooking - Ancient figures, called Gyroids, can start being found buried in the earth on your Island. These Gyroids will come broken, but if you bury them and water them, they'll grow into a fully functioning Gyroid! These figures can be customized and placed around your Island to add a variety of charm and sounds across your Island. They may also appear after it's rained.
Cooking is an expansion to DIY Recipes, which allows players to "craft" food items. To help create these new items, new crops will be added, including Tomatoes, Sugar Cane, Wheat, Carrots, and more, which can be harvested in addition to the already existing Pumpkins. You'll need to interact with a Cooking Appliance instead of a DIY Workbench to start Cooking, and if you consume these items, they will substantially fill up your Strength Gauge.

Updates to Island Life - Nook Inc will continue additional support, including bigger home storage, allowing players to store up to 5,000 items, a Storage Shed that can be placed around your Island to instantly access your Home Storage, and the Resident Representative will be able to enact Ordinances, including the Early Bird, Night Owl, Bell Boom, and Beautiful Town Ordinances. New activities will also be available, such as a morning aerobics class
Nook isn't the only one working on expanding the Island, Harv has been working hard with his partner in crime, Harriet, to establish an open market! If you help Harv fund his market, travelling merchants, such as Saharah, Kicks, Leif, Redd, and more will set up shop. Reese and Cyrus will also run a customization service, allowing you to customize your furniture, and familiar faces, such as Tortimer and Katrina may appear! Both Nook and Harvey have worked hard on bringing new furniture items to the Island, so be sure to keep your eyes out for new ways to decorate!

Other Features - New features, such as new fencing types, the ability to customize fences, and more housing exterior options will also be available. New Nook Mile rewards will be added, both for new features and items to help decorate your Island! You can watch the first half of the presentation below, which gives an overview of all the free content coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on November 5th!

Paid Content
Happy Home Paradise - this is a new game mode added to the game as Paid DLC, which acts similarly to Happy Home Designed on the Nintendo 3DS. Villagers can visit the archipelago and request they have a new vacation home made, with your help, plus Lottie, and her two new employees, Niko and Wardell!
Much like Happy Home Designer, you'll be able to create the interiors and exteriors of Villagers holiday houses to help design their dream vacation house. Numerous facilities, such as restaurants, schools, and hospitals can also be constructed. 
Lottie's Paradise Planning business will also allow the player to take certain courses, to expand their designing ability. These include the ability to hand items form the ceiling, build walls and partitions, play ambient sounds, and much more! You can scan in a villager via their amiibo to design their holiday house, or you can bring souvenirs back to your Island to give to your villagers to invite them to the vacation spot. If they agree to travel to the resort, and become a fan of your work, you'll be able to remodel their homes on your Island!
Completing tasks for Lottie and her crew will reward you with a new currency, Poki. This currency is exclusive to this Island, and can be used to buy exclusive items that can't be found anywhere else!

Below is the second half of the Direct which showcases the Paid DLC coming to New Horizons. The DLC will release the same day as the free update on November 5th, and will cost $37.50AUD/$24.99USD/£22.49.

A new amiibo Card series was previously announced, and will contain 48 new amiibo cards, some of these are for existing characters, such as Tom Nook and Isabelle, but will also include new characters, such as Flick, Wisp and Raymond, plus brand new characters never seen before! You can check out all 48 new amiibo cards here.

Be sure to stay tuned to BidoofCrossing to keep up to date with the latest Animal Crossing news, which we will be covering both on the site and our Twitter account. Once the content has released we will start writing guides for all the new content included in the update.


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