Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Katrina Guide & Exclusive Items

Katrina may have been one of the few Special Characters to return to New Horizons in some capacity, but it seems she's gone under the radar for a lot of players. Attached to Katrina's luck mechanic are four brand new exclusive items! Check out this handy guide to learn how to obtain these four great items, and how her exclusive luck mechanic works!

Katrina has two basic functions, telling your fortune, and your friendship with a villager, both costing 1,000 Bells. If you ask Katrina to read your friendship with a Villager, she'll give you a reading on how close you are, as well as tips on how to improve the friendship. Additionally, she can then bless that friendship for a further 10,000 Bells, which will increase the amount of friendship between the player and that villager.

For 1,000 bells, Katrina can read your fortune, giving you a result in either health, money, love, or belongings. Whilst we are still researching the effects of each fortune, we believe this is what each fortune does:

Good Money: Glowing spots, Bells shaken from trees/balloons and money rocks will all be increased. Chance of obtaining gold ore increased
Bad Money: No glowing spots or money rocks appear, Bells from balloon presents decreased, high income NMT islands decreased. Chance of obtaining gold ore decreased
Good Friendship: Friendship increases easier, villagers more likely to give you gifts
Bad Friendship: Repeat talking to villagers will decrease your friendship
Good Belongings: Villagers more likely to give gifts, tools will not break, Kapp'n and NMT resource heavy Islands increased
Bad Belongings: Tools break quicker, Kapp'n will send you to a regular Island with no Gyroid, chance of going to NMT resource Island decreased
Good Health: Energy gained from food is doubled
Bad Health: Energy gained from food is halved, more likely to trip
*We have tested out Katrina's fortune whilst wearing the King Tut Mask, and we don't believe it has any effect on Katrina's fortune

If you've received a bad fortune, Katrina will offer to cleanse you for an additional 10,000 Bells in order to remove the bad fortune attached to you. In doing so, Katrina will perform another ritual and your bad luck will be removed. Do note that if you get a cleansing, you will remove the effects of the bad fortune.

Bonus: If you receive a good or bad fortune in health that day, you'll receive a little surprise if you sit on a toilet that day

The following day, Katrina will have sent you a letter with an item attached, saying she's imbued it with luck and some of her power. Her four exclusive items are the Horseshoe Door Decoration, Mini Daruma, Power Stone, and Gold Turtle Figurine. It's possible the item you receive is linked to your fortune, as bad money gave us the Gold Turtle Figurine, and bad friendship gave us the Power Stone

We're still looking into the mysterious workings of Katrina, and will report back with any further findings we come across. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and TumblrFeel free to join our discord server too!


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