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Over the years, our website has evolved into a comprehensive resource hub, we specialize in producing researched guides, conducting thorough mechanical and gameplay analyses, and delivering timely news reports. Our dedication to providing valuable insights and fostering community engagement remains unwavering as we try our best to continue to expand our offerings.

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  1. What happens when your Dresser gets full?

    1. Save items for archival as mail letter attachments. Go to post office and save mail. This doubles your storage. Or if you unlocked the museum 2F expansion, get a space there to store your extra stuff, or display it. You can also dump things in your basement. Don't dump things on the ground in town or neighbors complain.

  2. Maybe take the things that you don't really need out from your dresser. Other than that solution, you can't really do anything about it!

  3. Heyheyhey I just wanted to say I love reading your blog! Don't stop now!

  4. I love reading you're blog and would really like to see your town but I don't have an internet connection for my 3ds. Can you please sometime in future make a video tour of your town for all the rest of you're fans to see? Thanks.


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