Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 25

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Day 25
Today was just a massive mess so most of this post might not even make sense or flow nicely. Sorry.

Rod moved in, he came from Funky, the town who had turnips for 575 bells. I guess it's a nice return gift.

The Super T&T was also open for business (yet another store that closes at 8pm)... Oh well, It's very rare I get home late so it isn't much of an issue, still, it's nice having the option to have stores open later (I know I can just change my ordinance but I'd rather not).

Shrunk also gave me another somewhat boring reaction. He told me the happy joke (it's in the uplifting end of the spectrum I guess).

Super T&T
The new store looks kinda ugly, I guess it's bigger interior is nice though, but still, I prefer T&T Mart (I like the music better).

I get asked about the melody card a lot so I decided to include it in this post. It's pretty much a letter that you can attach your own tune to, it's a nice addition.

The fortune cookies didn't give me much luck either, I got #6 (which was a dud), and another Coin.

I got a message on Tumblr asking for my town flag, so I decided to go to the Able Sisters and make it into a QR code, you can scan it below;

Back in town Rodeo suggested we build a set of pipes, I guess he's feeling guilty about leaving. I don't plan on building some pipes in town so you're out of luck.

I forgot to take a picture of them, oops.

Brewster also offered me the option to have take out coffee from tomorrow, guess it only ended up taking three days as opposed to the 4 I originally thought.

Redd was also in town today. He had the usual four pieces of art and I managed to snag a real piece.

Fake, the real one has two children

Fake, Mt. Fuji in the real one is smaller

Real, fujin is on the right side

Fake, she is holding a cat

I kinda wanted a sculpture but none the less, I'm happy with what I got.

I then also read that the European and American Nintendo Dream Villages had been published, and went to visit them (only got around to visiting the NA one though) - I'll list the dream addresses below.

North America: 5700 – 2038 – 6151
Europe: 7900 – 2106 – 3477
Japan: 0000 – 0100 – 0017
South Korea: 0000 – 1066 – 6865
Thanks to for providing!

Unrelated News
Again, I apologize for the really short and nonconstructive post - I just had a really long day at school, and one of my friends was really upset at the time of writing this, and without wanting to put this post off (it's getting late already), I multi-tasked in writing this and comforting her. Anyway, tomorrows post should be much better, I hope you can deal with it for one day at least. Thanks, cya!


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