Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 75

Last Nights Caper
As I jokingly said I would, I actually went on to ring up the fortune telling service to see if the fortune was the same as Katrina's. It was (well at least the item was, assuming the fortune was, too).

Day 75
3/4 of the way, let's make it to 100!

Guess Saharah wanted to get in on the 75% celebration, and decided to appear in town today. As usual, I paid her 3,000 bells and she came over to my house to decorate the wallpaper and flooring. She gave me a tatami and concrete wall.

Phineas was also in town, and gave me a silver badge for playing a lot... Guess New Leaf is pretty addictive so it makes sense.

Three days in,, and Julian seems to be getting better. He no longer has the purple spirals over his head. I gave him his medicine (which will hopefully be his last) and he should be A-OK tomorrow.

At the cafe, I got all four orders correct (so that's some more superb coffee beans, aka 7,500 bells), and I also got my first brewstoid!

Also, I forgot to mention this, but whilst in La Lune village on Monday, I checked out main street and bought some fertilizer. I re-organized my carnations and buried it in the middle of them. Hopefully I'll get some more carnations tomorrow!

And finally to end the day, Rod decided to suggest a public works project - the fire pit. I think I might build this one, not too sure though.

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