Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 92

Last Nights Caper
Enjoyed my movie so didn't end up playing

Day 92

Yes! That's right! Today was Ricky's birthday! And you'll never guess who was celebrating with him... Bree. It must be a match made in heaven, these two are my otp even though I don't ship Animal Crossing characters. Hope you had a good birthday Ricky!

For a present, I decided I'd give him something that he had in his house - an outback hat. I bought it from Re-Tail and gave it to him as his present.

That was probably the biggest event in Skyfall to date!

After spending the morning with Ricky, I decided to go dial up and get my fortune. Was one of those ones which really don't make any sense...

On the way to the campsite to check if anyone was staying, I came across Chester and decided to greet him on his first stroll around Skyfall. Also, unlike Frita (whose house I've yet to be in), he was home in the evening, so I managed to go inside and take a peek.

The campsite also had a happy camber inside today, and thankfully it wasn't someone I wanted to move into Skyfall - it was Caroline. I spoke to her and played a few games with her, though I didn't get anything amazing. I also played another game and got a surfboard for a few hundred bells.

I also went to the island with some of my friends and played some games. We were great at some, sadly, we failed miserably at the master labyrinth tour. Damn you pears!

And finally, in the evening, I remembered being Saturday night, I could catch K.K. Slider doing one of his live shows, so i ended the night watching a performance of K.K. Adventure.

Unrelated News
Headache so yer, cya! (I promise I'll put more stuff here some day!!)


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