Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 151

Last Nights Caper
I got really tired so I didn't end up playing AC or Pokemon for that matter, instead I got like 11 hours sleep - someone please tell me how that is humanly possible...

Day 151

Well what a nice surprise! I know I said I would have liked a meteor shower before the winter auroras kicked in, but I honestly didn't expect there to be one. Hallelujah  because I really do like meteor showers, they're so pretty and just give that sense of contentment when they're in the sky.

Redd was also in town today. As per usual, he had his 4 artworks, 3 of which were face. I was able to spot out the real one, which I bought, and shall donate tomorrow.

Fake - the right hand should be on the top

Real - there is no fake

Fake - the palm should be facing upwards

Fake - there shouldn't be a towel over the shoulder

I then went to the town hall to celebrate the completion of the hot spring.

After that, I then started landscaping the surrounding area. I didn't get very far as I needed some more holly starts, but I'm hoping it'll turn out nice. I don't see why it wouldn't - I just think it looks bad at the moment because I've ever really been a fan of the fall color-scheme in AC (which is weird because I absolutely love the fall).

I also asked Isabelle to destroy the stone tablet project. After much consideration, I decided that I should move it to the left (it really didn't do much aesthetically in its current position). I'm not too sure if I'll be able to build it soon - as Frita's house is rather close to where I want it's placement to be, but hopefully she'll move soon, and I can build it.

The pattern is where I want to move it to

Doing the daily duties around town, Bree suggested another public works project (she seems to be the resident who requests the most). She requested the illuminated archway. I would've preferred the flower archway (not sure which personality requests that), or some other public works I plan on  building. The archway is nice though, maybe I'll build it somewhere temporary until I unlock the flower one.

Rosie also invited me over, and unlike her previous attempts, she wanted me to come right away (thank god). I do feel lazy and bad when I forget to visit them at the correct times, but I mean, I ain't got time for that - much easier if you just say 'hey, yo, come over right now'.
Her house has really hit the dumps (seriously, where did she get that fossil from, I know I didn't give it to her, at least I don't think I did lol), I do like Rosie, I really do, but if she asks to move, I am unsure about what me decision will be...

Whilst looking for mush furniture (which I didn't end up finding), I came across a dig-spot by a tree, which I expected to be a fossil, but nope - it was a rare mushroom. I've been looking for one of these since City Folk, so you can only imagine the satisfaction I felt when digging it up from the ground!

I spent the rest of the day doing stuff not worth mentioning (such as landscaping and failed diving attempts) and oops I forgot to update my dream address.
But once the night hit I viewed the meteor shower, and made a wish.

Unrelated News
I've had a few visions for my town, hopefully with a bit of work, I can get it looking nice. Anyway, I'm off, not too sure what I'm going to do, so cya!

I found this picture cute, and I don't know why, so I had to include it lol


  1. every day during november, you can find 5 mushrooms around town, one of them actually being mush furniture...

  2. I too have only managed to find one mushroom in November so far lol


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