Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 156

Last Nights Caper
I really have no memory of last night, even after blogging. I usually know what I did, but this time, I seriously have no memory, at all...

Day 156
I clocked in today, and wasn't sure if i was delusional, or if the tree's really had changed color. I swear the fruit tree's have gotten darker... But at the same time, I don't get why they would (though we are half way through November so it kinda makes sense). Can someone please tell me if the trees did/do/have changed color so I know I'm not going crazy (and if they haven't changed color don't expect me to hear from me again because I'll be locked up for goin' cray-cray).

I was out all day doing a lot of things (I'll elaborate in the unrelated news section), so I didn't end up playing until late afternoon (which is probably visible in the above screenshot). First thing I did though was immediately go to Nook's Homes to have my new mortgage confirmed, so I could pay that off, and expand some more! I ended up expanding my sleek room. Google has given me some ideas on how I can make that room spiffy!

The usual Nookling's/Gracie/Mushroom items were a little different today. The Nookling's had a harvest bed (which I don't think I've purchased before but I more than likely have), and there were some more of the card series in Gracie Graces (I think it's called trump series??? but oh well). The piece of mush furniture today was a mush dresser, which I put in the museum display rooms with the other pieces. I'm really fearing I wont be able to complete it in time... Oh well.

Rocket's face also popped up in Main Street today (actually she appeared like a week ago I just got lazy and never mentioned it). I believe the next villager who should pop up should be Moe (I'm not 100% sure though, it's whatever villager is underneath Rocket's name in the villager sidebar to the right) - and nope looking at the sidebar it's actually Gala (sorry, I forgot you, my favorite piggy </3)

Leonardo also had me do a chore, and wanted me to deliver a present to Chester. I don't like either villagers that much, but I ended up doing it anyway. Chester gave me a nice persimmon, but later on in the day, Leonardo ended up suggesting the stadium light public works project (which I could've sworn we already had???). It looks nice, but I don't fancy turning Skyfall into a football field so I probably wont end up building it.

Speaking of public works projects, I also decided to build the flower clock today. However I placed it and paid it off before I had put a path in that area, and I think it's a little too far north, to be honest. I guess when it's complete tomorrow I'll see how it looks. If it looks a bit odd then I'll probably have it removed and change it's placement. Not really bothered, it was only like 87,000 bells to build - not that huge amount.

The Quest for Ricky's Picture Day #1
I'm going to start a new section for this, just so it's a little more entertaining for me (and you guys as well). Obviously, Ricky probably isn't going to ask me to do a job every day, but I'll try my best at pestering him to give me one.

Today, he wanted me to buy a graceful painting, which I  bought. Fun fact - he offered to sell me a graceful painting the other day, too, for I think the same price (but I don't think I blogged about it). Both turned out to be fake... Oh well, I guess it's increasing out friendship level (but we're already bff's so...). Maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow!

Unrelated News
For those curious about the weather, it was horrible this morning - well in the actual morning, it was rather fine, but in my 'morning' (or afternoon 'cause that's when I woke up), it was raining, and it rained a moderate amount for a good couple of hours. I do enjoy the rain though, so it's not like it bothered me. Only bad part was that I was handing out resumes (I applied at grocery stores because that's really the only place I'm interested in right now where I can get accepted without a uni/tafe course). Hopefully I'll get something. If not, I'll keep looking (wouldn't mind working at a department store either so I'm all good).

On another note, I have formal/prom tomorrow (in the rain... yay?). So like I said the other day, tomorrow's blog post will be posted in the morning after (so not until about 36 hours after this blog post, if not more depending how long I sleep).
I'm really not all that excited, namely because I wont be getting home until like 4am earliest, and probably because I really don't feel like I'm a suit person, even though everyone tells me that they suit (oops is that a pun??) me. The amount of times I got asked by my school to model the school blazer because it suited me... crazy. Not only that, but I'm still really not over my 20435 illnesses (which started in June, so it's been like 5 months the joy), and I'm paranoid I'm going to feel/get sick tomorrow, and not enjoy the night. And the fact I physically can not go home until 3am - because that's what time it ends, and trains stop at 1am, so me and my friends are booking a taxi and splitting the fare - it makes me even more paranoid because I know I wont be getting home for a loooong time (especially since we leave at like 6 like seriously thats, what, 9 hours WHY AUSTRALIA WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU). Okay I think that's enough for now... Cya!


  1. I think the trees and also the grass changed color, too.

  2. The rain has stopped in my part of Australia, but it's started being windy. Thank God my formal was just before the rain started.

  3. Well, it's all peaceful over here in the UK. Also, no your not going crazy, I noticed the trees change colour too (or am I going crazy??? XD)
    Enjoy your prom, hope it all goes well :)


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