Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 195

Last Nights Caper
I do not remember sorry!

Day 195

Has it really been snowing 3 days in a row? I'm pretty sure it has, I hope this continues for the rest of winter (LOL), even though I know it wont. I guess I'll enjoy it whilst I can.

I found gulliver washed ashore on the beach when I was watering the flowers. I spoke with him and easily managed to find out where he was headed. I guessed the USA, which was correct, and I believe I'll get a statue of liberty.
My options were:
- Japan
- France
- India

December 27th also marked the day Leonardo would be moving out. I wasn't that sad to see him leave, as he really hasn't impacted me that much - so I was fine with letting him go.

There was an announcement on the bulletin board letting me know about new year eve coming up. I thought it was a little too early to put the notice up, but I guess not. I guess I should start buying some more party poppers, even though I think I can buy them from Redd at the event.

Rosie suggested a public works project, the fairy-tale bridge. I don't think Ill end up building it, even though I do like the fairy-tale themed items. Maybe in the future if I ever decide to redesign the lay out of Skyfall I'll build it, but probably not.

I tried my luck at building a snowboy, which I did, but as usual, wasn't perfect... Oh well, I'll get it one day. As for the snowmen, I rolled one number that I had on my card.

Unrelated News
Well at least today was much more eventful than out previous days. Maybe tomorrow will have more? Who knows, gotta wait and see. Cya!


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