Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 241

Last Nights Caper
Sleep time.

Day 241

Well I did play in the morning, but then my family came over, so I only got to play for about 10 minutes before I had to leave, and nothing interesting happened during that time period. But if you're wondering why this picture shows daytime, and the next show the afternoon, that's why. Also, my family are here for about twp weeks, so stuff like this might happen a few more times in the next two weeks.

I walked past Tia and decided to speak with her. She wanted me to get her some fruit, and luckily (I don't know why), I already had a perfect orange in my pockets. I handed it over to her, and yes friends, she gave me her picture as a reward! I'm so glad to have finally gotten a villager pic (without it attached as a gift in a farewell letter). Now that I know it is possible, I really need to work on Soleil's and Zucker's so I can have them move out (and of course, Ricky and Bree).

As soon as I was done displaying Tia's picture, Ricky decided to drop by. I invited him in, but he didn't want to stay long (unlike Bree who likes staying forever).

After he left my house, I tracked him down and spoke to him to receive yet another chore - to catch a wharf roach. They're really not that hard to find, but I couldn't find any on my beaches, so I made a special long-overdue trip to the island, where I managed to find one with ease. I handed it over to him and he gave me a pickle jar as a thanks.

I donated the quaint painting to the museum which I bought yesterday, and it was real (as expected). I'm not sure as to what completion this artwork puts our progress, but I should have most of the paintings donated by now. I just need to work on getting those sculptures.

Katrina gave me a good luck fortune, so nothing special. But it was a fortune upon wealth, but I have all the money I need right now, so I didn't need to use it to my advantage. Maybe next time I get a good fortune for relationships or friendships I will try talk to my villagers to get them to give me chores, and maybe up my chances of getting their pictures.

I built a Snowman today, and got given a fresh new bingo card. I'm thinking this will probably be my last game of bingo before the snow is gone for good (unless I get lucky). Anyway, he rolled a number that I needed, so I punched that out of my card.

Unrelated News
I've got to go do the dishes and then maybe find some food to snack on, and then I am doing the dreaded task of this PokeBank or whatever... I'm not really bothered by it, but I don't really care for it either. I never really transfer my Pokemon over, but I guess I might as well do it now. Plus I'm not looking forward to the effort to transfer my Pokemon over (I've got some still stuck on Ruby version LOL). So yeah, that's my night... Hope yours is better (or day, depending on where you care). Cya!


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