Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 242

Last Nights Caper
I slept so yeah, nothing really going on.

Day 242

I don't know if it was just me, but I think the snow looked a little thicker today? Or maybe the sky was more darker?? It just looked different tbh.

Zucker wanted me to replace his olive flounder with something. I've never really liked his olive flounder so I was adamant to find something to replace it with. I didn't really know what to replace it with (as I didn't have anything that suited his house), and there was nothing in the Nooklings. But in my letters, Ricky had sent me a letter with a pickle jar attached and I handed that to Zucker.

My villagers must be loving fish today, because Rosie wanted me to catch her a sea bass. At first I wanted to decline, as it'd mess up her house even more, but I mean, c'mon... It's already that bad to begin with, can it really get any worse than it already is? So I accepted her request and went out to catch her a sea bass.

Whilst I was on the beach looking for a sea bass, I came by a familar face - Gulliver. I woke him up and began to listen to his questions to find out where he was from (it is where he's from, or where he was heading? I think it's where he's heading and then you tell him where he was going but I always say where he was from idk oops). The correct answer was China, and I believe he'll send me a red tasseled lantern in the mail, which is something I've been after. My options were:
- China
- Russia
- India

Bree wanted me to fetch her some fruit. I was hoping I'd her lucky like I did with Tia and score her picture, so I got a perfect orange ready, but she just gave me a tumble weed. I think I sold it already, but it would've looked nice in Ricky's house.

Up in Main street, the Nooklings had a special item in today, the shopping cart. I never really buy the spot light items (yesterday they had the Arc de Tromp or whatever, which I didn't end up buying), but I thought the cart was rather neat so I decided to purchase it.

Katrina gave me a good fortune on friendship, so I could've used that to try get Ricky's picture, but I needed a green warm-up jacket, which I didn't have on me, so I couldn't reap the fortunes reward.

Since it was snowing today I decided to drop by the Dream Suite to have my dream address updated. I hope people like it better with the snow falling, because I'll probably forget to update it for a while. I also forgot to check how many people had visited, but it shouldn't be that much higher that out last check.

Both rolled numbers we needed, one landing in the row that was going well, and the other in a different spot. Like I said yesterday, I really think this'll be the last bingo game we manage to fit in, but I really want this one to go quick so I can hopefully squeeze another quick game in afterwards.

Unrelated News
Ughh. Sorry for the late post. I actually forgot I was going out to a friends house tonight so yeah. I'm kinda tired so I didn't try my best to blog, but I'm happy with the effort. Now I've just gotta do a few more things before I head off to bed (and hopefully have a sleep in tomorrow, or today??). Cya!


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