Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 246

Last Nights Caper
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Day 246

I must've played a little earlier than usual today because being Sunday, I found Joan - which meant it was before midday. I decided to see how much she was selling turnips for just for the sake of it, and she was selling the for a reasonable 99 bells. I considered buying some, but in the end I decided not to.

Ricky invited me over, and he wanted me to come over right away so I did just that. When inside I spoke to him a few times which provoked him to ask me to buy something in his house. As usual, anything that I wanted to take out wasn't for sale (like the wharf roach and the halloween chair), but I managed to take out one of the shirts. The Nooklings also had a country guitar in stock which I bought and plan on mailing it to him.

Not long after leaving Re-Tail after having Cyrus do my daily customization, I fell over. I was happy about this because it meant I was definitely having a bad luck day. I soon went to Katrina to get my bad luck fortune to see if I could grab a Tingle hat. And yes, I did. I really like it so I decided to wear it anyway. I'm not sure if I'll keep going to Katrina daily now that I've gotten both items, maybe just on days which seems like I'm having bad luck.

Up on Main Street, Gracie was having her end of season sales. I dropped in to see if there was anything, though it was just the usual + stuff from last sale, so I didn't end up buying anything, but maybe a nice shirt or something will show up and I'll buy that.

Back in Skyfall Tia wanted me to get her a piece of furniture to replace one of the shirts she had on display in her house. There wasn't anything in Re-Tail or the Nooklings that would suit her house, nor was there anything in my wardrobe. I then headed to my letters to pull out a regal lamp which I had attached to a letter for Bree, so I pulled it out and gave it to Tia instead. She gave me a bishop in return.

No bingo, but both Snowmen gave us numbers we needed so...

Unrelated News
I would've put a lot more effort into blogging tonight, but I left it until late again, and I've got to go back out to the country tomorrow, and be there by 10, and I've got to sleep soon. So I didn't want to spend all my time on blogging and not have any time left over for myself. Cya!


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