Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 250

Last Nights Caper
Didn't do anything I don't think.

Day 250

Oh damn 250 days seems like some sort of milestone lol. I decided to start the day asking around town to see if I could get any chores from my villagers. First off the bat was Zucker, who wanted me to catch him a pillbug. I didn't want to at first, because I knew he'd just put it in his house and screw up his nice interior, but as I just want him for his photo and then he can go to someone else who wants him, I decided to do his request anyway. He gave me a green tie-dye tank for my time.

Next came Ricky, who wanted me to get him an orange. Luckily for him, I still had my perfect orange stash in my wardrobe, so I hurried on over to my house to pull out the perfect fruit to hand to Ricky. He gave me a wagon wheel as a thank you.

Whilst I was in my house Bree decided to drop by. I considered showing her all rooms to try get her to leave early (even though doing that trick last time didn't seem to work), but she only stayed for a few second before leaving. Hopefully she'll send me her pic in the mail as a gift (doubt it lol).

Redd had pitched his tent in the plaza today. As usual though, he didn't have and legit sculptures in stock. He did have a painting that I think I need though (but I'm probably wrong). Though I bought it anyway, I can easily trade for something I need later if it turns out I already have it.

Real - the fake has both hands on its hips

Fake - the head should be looking backwards

Fake - the palm should be facing upwards

Fake - it shouldn't have a towel over its shoulder

Still felt obliged to visit Katrina today, and she gave me a good fortune upon love, though I didn't have the item needed to activate it. Maybe if I did my luck of getting Bree's pic tomorrow would be increased.

After a dodgy start from our already built Snowman, which just unlocked another path for bingo (I think), our second Snowman fi anally gave us bingo, and gave us a snow mobile in return. I'm not sure if I should continue making Snowmen, or just making Snowboys. I know the snow goes away soon, and I really don't think I'll be able to get bingo in time by the time the snow goes...

Bingo items go really well with the cabin series if you ask me

Unrelated News
I had a nice day today, I managed to balance a perfect amount of AC and real life activities, so happy about that. I'm just going to watch some TV and have some dinner later to finish off my day. Cya!


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