Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 286

Last Nights Caper
I don't remember, I didn't end up getting in bed until late, and everything after that's just a blur.

Day 286

I spoke to Soleil as she was right near my house, and she wanted me to catch her a river fish. I went around the rivers for a few minutes trying to find something good (was hoping for a gold fish) - but I got nothing. All I was getting were bluegill. I handed her a bluegill that I found, and she gave me a blue diamond tee in return.

As I kept making my way around town I came across Bree, who simply gave me a free music stand. Thanks, Bree!

Not that far away from Bree was Saharah. I spoke with her and took her over to my house. When we arrived I gave her the usual payment of 3,000 bells, and she gave my house a makeover. I don't think any of the pieces I got today are exclusives, being the parlor wall and regal floor. Oh well, can't get lucky all the time.

Unrelated News
Yeah, all the late nights care catching up to me, it's only just past 9pm and I can already feel my eyes closing and drifting off to sleep. Ughh, I should probably have an early night. Cya!


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