Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 290: April Fools!

Last Nights Caper
Didn't end up watching Pokemon (I'm up to like a tonne of filler episodes and I don't feel like watching them - but I know I need to to progress, or I can just skip them lol), so instead I just chatted to some friends as usual.

Day 290

April first not only meant April Fools, but it also meant that some of the trees around town would be flowering cherry blossoms for the next few days (I'm not actually sure how long they last, I think it's about a week?). Not only that but the town tree has flourished in cherry blossoms, too.

First thing I did before I got onto April Fools was to see if Zucker was still sick... and thankfully, he wasn't. He was nice and healthy, walking around in the afternoon sun. I'm not sure if he'll randomly get sick tomorrow or again, or if he will be cured from his sickness, so guess I'll only know tomorrow.

Now onto April Fools. I'm not entirely sure how to display this, because everything is virtually the same, just a different villager. I might just say a few words about each villager and then fill in the photos. 
First though, I had to find Blanca to get the event started. Once I found her she told me she would be fooling the villagers around town by looking exactly like them. For those wondering how to tell the real from the fake, one of them will answer a question, and they will both answer it, but one will have a correct answer. To know the correct answer, speaking to them the days before April Fools they will bring up random facts about themselves, which will be the correct answers to their April Fools Day questions. I didn't have any of my villagers bring anything up in conversation on the days leading up to April Fools, so instead I used this website. It doesn't have the answers to each question for every villager, but if you just say you can't figure out who the fake is and talk to them again, they will ask a different question, and you just repeat until it has one the sight lists.

The first house she entered was Tia's. I didn't care much as I already have Tia's picture, but a spare never goes astray, and getting each villager correct earns you Blanca's photo the next day.

That was pretty much how every conversation went down, they squabbled about who was the real one, and then brought up a question which each one answered, so I've just cut out the random squabble from each conversation and just included the question.

The next villager was Frita - I managed to guess correctly for her.

Next up was Zucker, who I also got correct (spoiler alert; I got every villager correct, not that it was that hard to figure).

After Zucker was Boone, who I had a little trouble with, since he told me which numbered sibling he was, and the site didn't list it, so I had to talk to them again to have the issue another question so I was able to figure out the real Boone.

Bree was next, and I managed to guess the correct Bree this time.

Soleil was the next cab off the rank, and I managed to guess her right, too. Now I have both Zucker's and Soleil's pictures, so I can work on moving them out, which I'm happy about. And I'm pretty sure our friendship is high enough, so they'll attach another picture along with their farewell letter.

Next was Ricky, followed by Rosie, and then finally Alfonso - I managed to guess all three correctly.

Idk why hairstylist isn't in blue, I guess the game glitched up

Now I had the pic of all of Skyfall's current villagers. I went to display them in my museum. I've only included the ones which are new, so pics like Ricky, Bree and Tia which I've had before I didn't include. I'll probably put my more favored ones like Rosie, Zucker and Soleil in my house whenever I get up to rearranging it next.

After I returned from the museum I found Blanca around town again, but she didn't have anything more to say, she just told me she would be looking forward to next year.

I did try to get some non-April Fools stuff today, but none of the villagers wanted chores doing. They either told me a lie in the spirit of April Fools, or told me something totally random from a normal conversation, no chores.

Unrelated News
Well the April Fools event was ok I guess. It was nice and all but it was just repetitive, and having 9 villagers in my town (some people having 10) I just felt it went on for too long and became more tedious than anything. Though, still a nice event to get some pics if you suck at it like me LOL. Now I'm not sure what I'm gonna do now, maybe watch some Pokemon, maybe not. Who knows. Cya!


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