Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 298

Last Nights Caper
I just spoke to friends and slept. I've still got the Pokemon tab open from like a week ago and I've still not watched anymore lol, maybe one day...

Day 298

I noticed that Rosie was home, so I decided to stop in to see what lovely pieces she had and which ones I had that I could mail to her if she still needed them. On my way to her house I passed my blue pansy patch, which had a brand new purple pansy. Everything I've read say that purple pansies only come from blue x orange, so I thought it was cool I got one from two blues.

I continues north towards Rosie's house to see what her interior was looking like. When I entered her house, she didn't actually need anything. I had to lovely loveseat, lamp and a polka-dot lamp, which she already had (well she didn't have a polka-dot lamp, but she already had a lovely lamp, so I didn't see the need to give her another lamp).

Just as I was about to leave her house because I didn't see any need to stay, I decided to speak to Rosie, and she actually had a petition which she wanted to be signed, to banish ugly blemishes.

After I received the petition, I asked around to see if anyone would let me open their gate, and someone was kind enough to let me visit their town and collect some signatures. I headed on over to their town and found 6 villagers to sign the petition for Rosie.

With my 6 signatures in hand, I returned to Skyfall and found Rosie to give her petition to her. In return, she gave me a deer scare. Of course, I was hoping for her pic, but since I already got one on April Fools, I wasn't too fussed.

Among other things, we had yet another camper in Skyfall today. I'm sensing a pattern, we have a drought with no campers at all, and then we get a number of campers in a short period. I'd prefer they were more sporadic, in which we got like one camper every 2/3 days, but meh. As for the camper, we had Dora, and since I already had Bree, I didn't ask her to move in.

Ricky wanted to come over to my house right away, and I saw no reason to refuse, so I went ahead and took him over. He didn't stay for that long, only a minute or two, but he seemed to enjoy my house.

Down on the beaches I noticed Gulliver had washed ashore. It took a while to wake him up, but I managed to do it. After waking him up, I listened to his wild tale, and then went on to find out where he was heading. My options were:
- Germany
- Austria
- Belgium
- France

And to end my day, Zucker informed me he would be leaving Syfall on the 14th. I'll admit, I have defiantly grown to like Zucker, a nice contrast from not being sure if I wanted him to move in from the campsite, but I guess we've come full circle and he'll be moving out in the coming days. I'll probably sell him off for bells/items on my wishlist, so if you have anything off my wishlist, drop me a message and I might give him to you. 

Unrelated News
Today was actually a good day, I got a lot of AC gameplay in, which I'm happy with, and I also managed to do a number of real world things that needed doing, so if anything, I'm really happy about how today turned out. Now I'm just gonna wind down by watching TV. Cya!


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