Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 313

Last Nights Caper
I watched some Desperate Housewives (omg I loved this show so much back in the day), but only two episodes, I'll probably continue with that tonight (I randomly started in S5 lol).

Day 313

Soleil was nearby as usual, so I spoke with her. I'm guessing she had been speaking to Hazel and learned that ocean fish were the new trend, because she wanted one for herself. Much like Hazel, I went down to the beach and caught the first fish I saw, which was also a horse mackerel. I handed it over to her and she gave me a cello in exchange.

Once I had finished with Soliel, I went to the next closest villager, being Rosie. She wanted me to get her some fruit, I was happpy because I was going to get her a perfect orange and pray I got her pic in exchange, but tehn she decided to be picky, and say she wanted a pear... I went over to the pear trees and got one, and she gave me a green table.

The next cab off the rank was Ricky, who wanted me to deliver something to Soleil. I'm beginning to think maybe he really has moved off from Bree and onto Soleil... I guess I'll have to try my best to get them back together, and speaking of Bree, she has gone MIA recently, I can't find her anywhere.

After I received the gift from Ricky I went to track down Soleil, who was still on the beach from beforehand, maybe she was unhappy with the mackerel I got her and was looking for another ocean fish? Regardless, I handed her over Ricky's gift and she handed me a spring shirt.

I finally began making my way up to the northern parts of town, where I noticed the campsite was in use. I was hoping for a somewhat decent villager inside, and it was Mira. I actually like her, she's pretty cute, and I really do like most of the superhero villagers (excluding Rocket). Though I didn't invite her to move in, I may have if Boone actually went on with his moving plans yesterday though,

Once I was done with the campsite, I came across Chops who had a neutral painting he was willing to part with, for a whopping 7,000 bells. To my knowledge, I haven't donated a neutral painting yet, so I took the risk and bought it. Luckily I did because it turned out to be real!

Real - there are no bug bites out of the leaves

With my new painting in pocket I went up to the museum to donate it, but Blather's wouldn't accept it. My initial response was that t was indeed fake, and I just missed the bug bite, but I went to check, and it turns out I had already donated a neutral painting... Oh well, I guess I can keep this and trade it for something else I need.

Unrelated News
Tomorrow might be a bit hard to get blogging done, I've got to wake up very early in the morning (like ~4am), and be awake until 6 for some Australian thing, but I'm a really horrid person when I've not had much sleep, and I gathered it'll be easier if I just stay up and not sleep, so that's what I'll be doing until I'm done with that. Then when I am done, I plan on sleeping, and when I did this a few years ago, I didn't wake until around 5pm, so I probably will get time to blog, but it might be a little later than usual, because I'm playing later that I usually do. Cya!


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