Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 316

Last Nights Caper
If I actually did things during the night this section would be a whole lot easier.. lol

Day 316

The moment I started playing, Soleil decided to ping me. Unfortunately, as I'm waiting until her big moving day comes and don't want her to stay, I had to ignore her. Hopefully she wasn't planning on suggesting a public works project. I also her a letter from mom with a sunflower attached, which was helpful in fulfilling my daily duties, as she wanted something to replace her bitterling. I handed her over the sunflower, which she loved, and she gave me her pic in return!

Since Hazel was right near Tia, I decided to speak with her. She had a time capsule she wanted me to bury, which was a shock since she's only been in Skyfall for about a week... Guess she wants to make some early memories. As usual, I buried it right next to her house, so it wont be hard to track it down.

Continuing on with the local loop, Frita was right near Hazel, so I took some medicine over to her. I beleive this is her third and final day of getting medicine (I've lost track), so she should be all better by tomorrow!

After leaving Frita's house, chops pinged, but it wasn't anything important, but it did remind me that I had to head over to the Town Hall to get pictures of the topiaries that Leif suggested yesterday. They're actually reeeaaaalllllly nice, but I don't think I'll ever end up building them since I'm lazy like that.. Ughh

Unrelated News
Ehh, nothing really happened today either so nothing to talk about here lol. I am about to update the map in the side bar though, so I guess you can look forward to that lol. Cya!


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