Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 320

Last Nights Caper
Nothing too interesting, I didn't watch Origins, but I did watch that today, it was pretty good. I recommend you watch it if you haven't already.

Day 320

The day had finally come for Soleil to move out. My friend who is coming to pick her up hasn't been online yet (timezone issues), but he should be over in a couple of hours, so she'll be gone then. Maybe it'll lead to a bit more in the Last Nights Caper section tomorrow.

From Soleil's house, I decided to head down to the beach to see if Gulliver had washed ashore, because I've not had any special visitors all week. Sure enough, Gulliver was there, ready to be woken up. I woke him up and he told me his tales, and asked me to tell him where he was heading. I was torn between Norway and Denmark, and I was about to google it, but lappy was being laggy, so I risked it and took an educated guess, Norway... which turned out to be wrong, oh well.

I guess the camper drought has ended, and we're now in the time frame where we get spammed with campers (though I'm not complaining) as we had another camper in town today. It was a horse named Peaches, who I didn't ask to move in - I'm not really a fan of horse villagers, excluding Julian.

As per yesterday, I headed into Hazel's house, and there she was, sleeping again. This time the bell didn't sound so I was able to wake her up, she seems to be thinking of food, lol. Maybe Hazel is the new Zucker.

After waking her up I spoke to her a few more times to see if she'd give me a job, and sure enough, she did, and sure enough, it was about food LOL. She wanted me to get her a peach, and I did just that. After I had my peach in pocket, I returned to her house and handed it to her, and she gave me a lovely lamp. I was going to mail it to Rosie, but she already has one.

Unrelated News
I've started searching for items that I want for my home, so that's going well. I'm also looking to change my house exterior (I'm thinking Cabin themed), but I never go into Nook's Homes, so I'm not sure how long that'll take. Maybe once I've done the interior, I'll work on the exterior. Cya!


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