Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 330

Last Nights Caper
I know I say I sleep early, but last night I ended up sleeping so early, as I was so bored and couldn't think of anything to do, so I ended up sleeping it off.

Day 330

Since I slept early last night, and as it was Sunday, I was able to snatch Joan in the morning before I started doing other things. I tracked how down with ease, but she was selling turnips for a pricey 106 bells, so I didn't buy any. If they were around 90-100 bells each I may have considered buying some.

I headed over to Hazel's house (who was sleeping again), and she wanted me to catch her a butterfly, of any kind. I was going for a raja brooke since those are the rarest right now (I think?) and that would've done the most for our friendship, but I was unable to find any, so I settled for a peacock instead. She gave me a swell tee in exchange for the butterfly.

Whilst I was hunting for butterflies I talked to Boone, who wanted me to deliver something to Firta. Since her house wasn't too far away I simply wandered over to her house and handed her the gift. She had Bree over, but the two didn't seem to be up to anything. For delivering Boone's gift to Frita, she gave me her old red tie dye tee.

Next up was Benjamin, who was having a craving for fruit, specifically a pear. I headed over to the pear trees and shook one down and handed it over to him. He was thankful and handed me a lovely dresser, which I would've mailed to Rosie but she already has one. He's also picked up Frita's phrase of "LET ME GO" which gave me a good laugh lol.

Finally, I spoke to Bree, who wanted a petition to be signed. I took it off her hands anyway, but I've yet to get signatures for it, and I'm unsure if I'll get them before the day is up. I'm not too bothered if I get it completed or not, if I get it done, cool, if not, then cool, too.

Just because I don't feel like spending a lot of time on blogging today. Frita wanted me to get her a piece of furniture, so I got her a modern wood chair and she gave me a saddle fence, and Ricky sold me his citrus carpet for 665 bells.

Unrelated News
I've been pretty busy today and the last thing I felt like doing was blogging. I'm actually finding blogging pretty tiring lately, but that's only because my days are busier than they were before. Hopefully I can get into a nice blogging schedule and I can find a time where I'm not too tired. Cya!


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