Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 334

Last Nights Caper
Don't really remember anything, I think I got to bed late??? All I remember was watching some TV and then going to sleep.

Day 334

A nice rainy today, in fact, it was a storm, which is my personal favorite weather pattern in New Leaf. Though the storm didn't last long, as it was gone after I came out of Redd's tent. Even with the rain, Redd didn't have anything I needed in stock, he had four paintings, the real one which I had already donated.

Real - the head looks forward in the fake

Fake - there is a carrot on the nose

Fake - she is too tall

Fake - the gods are on the wrong sides

After I had left Redd's tent I headed over to Hazel's house, who surprisingly wasn't sleeping lol, but she was thinking of her other favorite activity - food. She wanted me to get her an apple, and luckily for her, I have a whole bunch of perfect apples, so that's what she got. She was very thankful for me to go out of my way and get her a perfect apple, and gave me a pine bonsai.

After leaving Hazel's house, I came across Frita, who told me she wanted some new furniture after Rosie had some words with her. I headed to Main Street to find something to get Frita, but nothing matched her house. But as her house is already a train wreck, I just bought her a spa seat, which I thought would go nicely with her mismatched house. Regardless, she was very thankful and gave me her pic in return!

Finally to end my day, Bree wanted me to catch her a river fish. At first I thought I should decline her request, as her house is soon to turn into Frita's horrid house, but I decided to go ahead and fulfill her dreams and caught her a lovely carp from the river. For getting her what she wanted she gave me an MVP Tee.

On a somewhat-not related note, Re-Tails turnip prices were mildly increased from yesterdays, at 155 bells per turnip. Tomorrow is the last day so here's hoping there will be a jump in the prices... Maybe if I actually checked two times I day when the change they'd be higher at the other time lol.

Unrelated News
Well my 3DS is playing up again so I've gotta play on my regular 3DS. The smaller screen is weird, but I spent a while playing today and it's becoming a lot more bearable. Other than that, there's nothing going on, so I'm off. Cya!


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