Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 376

Last Nights Caper
Yeah, just the same as previous days. I'm sure something interesting will come up sooner or later lol.

Day 376

I headed over to Beau's house and he wanted me to dig up the time capsule he wanted me to bury for him a few weeks ago. I went outside and over to the spot where I buried it to dig it up, and then went back to his house to give it to him. Inside was his sundae tank which he was very emotional to see again (lol), but he mustn't have loved it that much because he gave it to me as a reward.

As you can probably see, Beau had gotten rid of hit cutout tree standee, so I headed on over to Re-Tail to buy it back and send to him in the mail. I still haven't checked on Ricky to see if he got his cabin bed back yet, but I'm sure he would have by now. Whilst I was at Re-Tail, I decided to check turnip prices, which were at 142 bells apiece.

After leaving Re-Tail I headed over to the plaza, where Redd had set up his tent. I went inside to look at his artwork and bought out the real one. I swear I've gotten the real motherly statue like 5 times in the past month or two...

Real - it has two children

Fake - her headband should be blue

Fake - the Gods should be on the other sides

Fake - there is a carrot on his nose

We had another camper in town today, being Cherry. I do actually like Cherry, I've always liked the gothic-like villagers (especially Tiffany? I think that's her name), but alas, I didn't ask her to move in. I think it's the whole fact that villagers can place their houses anywhere, and I'm too lazy to plot reset, that I don't want a lot of campers to move in, even if I do like them.

Unrelated News
Had a nice day today, a few things happened which is always nice, I'm just worried someones gonna move out on me soon... I have asked around and no ones told me anyone has plans on leaving, and no one has pinged asking to leave, so I think I'm safe, but I guess I'm just a little paranoid. Yeah... Cya!


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