Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 400

Last Nights Caper
Since last nights post was late I pretty much headed to sleep once I posted it.

Day 400

Wow, day 400 already... Honestly, it feels like I've only been blogging for a couple of months, 6 at max lol. Can't believe it's been 13 months already...
Beau wanted something to replace his weeping fig. At first, I was going to get him whatever plant was in stock today, but then I remembered he has two weeping figs centered in his room, and not one in a corner, so I ended up getting him nothing.

Freya had found something Bree had lost and wanted me to deliver it to her. I was more than happy to do it and took the gift from Freya and began to track down Bree. I managed to find Bree easily (since I hadn't been playing for that long she was right by her house), and handed the package over. The package contained a green tie-dye tee, which she coincidentally gave to me as a reward...

The results from yesterdays bug off were on the bulletin board, but I'm pretty sure I included them in yesterdays post, but in case I didn't and anyone was curious, here they are.

The rest of today was basically just random stuff, and rejecting chores. I tripped twice today (even though I was playing for a good 30 minutes), so I guess it was a bad luck day, which I don't think I've had in a while. Benjamin also handed me a robo sofa, because apparently he had a dream about being trapped in a sauna, which I saved him from.

As for the rejected chores, Ricky wanted me to catch him a killifish, which I didn't do because I don't want to run his house, and Tia had a petition she wanted me to get signatures for, but since I didn't think I'd be leaving Skyfall, I had to decline it, she didn't seem to mind.

Unrelated News
Nothing much happened today, I did try get my villagers to give me things to do (I saved + quit several times), but got nothing. I also missed Joan and didn't find a walking leaf. Not a good Sunday tbh. Now I'm just gonna rest and hopefully get over this cold. Cya!


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