Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 420 (Blaze It)

Last Nights Caper
I played MH with Harry into the wee hours of the night before heading off to sleep.

Day 420

There was a nice unexpected showed this morning. Much like the one just a few days ago, I didn't expect it to last long, and fade away shortly after I started playing, but I'm pretty sure it stayed around for the rest of my play time, which is always nice.
A lot like last week, I totally forgot that the fireworks show was on this Sunday, so it was a nice surprise when Bree informed me it would be on tomorrow. There was also a notice on the bulletin board, too. Like last week, I'll probably include the fireworks in Monday's Last Nights Caper section, as I'll probably blog before the show starts.

Agnes had been told by Beardo that her house was a little bland, and needed something to liven it up... I don't know what Beardo saw, or what Agnes heard, but no way, visiting Agnes' house the other day and absolutely loving it, there was no way I was getting her anything new for her house.

I started playing after midday again today, so no morning turnip prices, but since they seemed to be declining since the big 400 the other day, I don't think the AM prices were much to look at, especially considering the PM prices were a mere 41 bells apiece.
Bree had also put her regal vanity up for sale, which I bought, and plan to mail back to her. I would have done it today, but I totally forgot.

Beardo had a worthy painting he was selling for a pricey 7,000 bells. I know that I only need one more statue for my art museum, and that's it, so his painting wasn't going to help me (if it turned out to be real), but I bought it anyway since I gathered it could always help me in trading for the piece I'm after. Once I bought the painting I went to put it up in my house to see if it was real, only to realize it's a painting that has no fake. Definitely worth the 7,000 bells price tag.

And again with Beardo, I guess when he's not busy playing hide and seek, he's hungry and after a feed, as today he wanted me to fetch him a piece of fruit, a cherry to be exact. Luckily for Beardo, the cherry is Skyfall's native fruit, so I have ample perfect cherries to go around, and he was able to indulge in the luxury of perfect fruit. He was happy to receive a perfect cherry, and gave me a dirt-clog wall as a reward.

Unrelated News
I didn't really get a lot done today, but it was one of those days where nothing happens. At least I know Frobert is planning on leaving, so that makes the day a whole lot easier to enjoy, as I don't have to stress about thinking someone's going to randomly move out (which I've said many times in the past). Now I'm not too sure what I'm going to do. I was supposed to be going out with friends, but not anymore, so I'll probably have dinner and watch stuff on YouTube until I head to sleep. Cya!


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