Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's First Fishing Tourney is Now Live

Teased earlier in the week, the first Fishing Tourney is now live in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To mimic the main series games, the app does it's best to keep the Tourney true to its roots, but changed up a few things to allow for various in game rewards.

In short, the Fishing Tourney takes place in the Saltwater Shores from 15/3/2018, 5PM ADEST and run until 20/3/2013, 4:59PM AEDST. The player much catch special tourney fish and bring them to Chip. Bringing these special fish to Chip will grant the player special rewards and trophies based on the combined total size of all the fish you've given him.

To participate in the tourney, the player must look out for a sparkling fish shadow in the ocean (sparkles symbolise it's a tourney fish) - the three fish for this tourney are the Clown Fish, Surgeonfish, and Barred Knifejaw. After you've caught a few fish, bring them to Chip for him to measure. After all the fish you've caught reach a certain combined total length, Chip will give you special prizes.
For each total size goal you reach, you'll be given a random reward from that tier. For reaching 250cm, 500cm and 750cm, you'll randomly be given a Clown Fish Hairpin, Clown Fish Tank, and a Sea Throw Net. For 1,000cm-2,750cm, for every 250cm you reach, you'll randomly be given a Seaweed Screen, Coral Bench, Surgeonfish Tank, 5 Rustic Essences, 5 Hip Essences, 5 Harmonious Essences  and two separate Sea Throw Nets. After 3,000cm, for every 250cm you reach you cna earn yourself a Decorated Coral, Barred Knifejaw Tank, Seaweed Screen, two lots of 5 Harmonious Essences, and 5 Hip Essences. Once you reach a total length of 4,250cm, for every 600cm after that, you'll randomly be awarded with a prize form any tier.
Chip also has a number of challenges set up for you to tackle to reward you with fishing equipment to help you catch the special tourney fish. The fish Chip asks for in his challenge are regular fish so you don't need to worry about wasting your special catches. If you're also after an extra helping hand during the Tourney, Chip will rent you a special hold rod which can allow you to hook two fish instead of one, though this only effects tourney fish and not your regular catches.

Once the Tourney has ended the player will receive a trophy depending on how many fish they caught, though you must claim your trophy before March 23rd. A combined length of 10-799.99cm will earn you a wooden trophy, 800-2,099.99cm gives you bronze, 2,100-4,199.99cm silver, and 4,200cm+ will net you the fabled gold trophy.

There are also three new terrain types for your campsite, the Seafloor (back), Coral Fence, and Ocean Sky - these can be bought for 150, 200 and 300 Leaf Tickets, respectively.

For a full run-down of the event, check out the Official Announcement.


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