More Details Revealed for New Horizons at PAX East

PAX East is currently underway, between February 27th and March 1st, and includes the very first playable demo of the anticipated title. From this, a lot of people who attended have shared gameplay of the demo, which has confirmed details we'd yet to get official confirmation on, as well as entirely brand new ones! We've compiled a list of all newly released details below.

- 50 Nook Miles can be obtained daily by interacting with the Nook Shop Terminal
- Nook Miles can be upgraded to Nook Miles+ once your rank has increased. This will give you daily goals to earn Nook Miles
- DIY recipes for Public Works Projects (fountains, street lights, benches, etc) are redeemed via Nook Miles
- Once you've upgraded your tent to a house, you'll receive a free Nook Miles Ticket
- The missed feature of Bottled Messages will return. They may also contain DIY recipes
- Glowing spots are also formally back
- Pressing on the Right Control Stick will make the camera to zoom out, producing almost a top-down view
We'd previously mentioned we believed tools can be customized due to the various shapes and colors we saw. Footage from the crafting screen denotes the Watering Can being customized, further supporting this theory
- The player can jump over holes they've dug

- The Able Sisters will be open from 9am - 9pm
- You can view a huge amount of clothing items by entering the fitting room. This will show you all color variations of clothes available that day, as well as some clothes that are not on display
- Blathers will start off in a tent, and will ask for 15 specimens to be donated before The Museum can be built
- Kicks will visit your Island once a week
- The box outside the Nookling Store will act as a 24/7 selling service, allowing the player to drop off any items they wish to sell, even if the store is closed. Funds will be directly deposited into the ABD once they've been processed (which likely will happen once the store opens the next morning), and also charges a "handling fee"
- The new Horse villager is named Reneigh

- Black, Blue and Orange Roses will return
- Chrysanthemums seem to be simply named "mums" in game
 - Gerbera's seem to be named "windlowers" in game (likely to not confuse them with the furniture item)

- Lost items will return
- Flimsy Tools will break after a while
- You can store up to 300 letters
- The stamina feature - by eating a fruit to move a tree with the shovel - can also be used to break rocks
- Emotions can be taught to you by your Villagers
- Due to the amount of blank spaces on the Emotions page, it appears you'll be able to learn 48 total

- Running through flowers will now destroy the bulb, rather than the actual plant
- A number of new Critters have been revealed (official names unconfirmed), including a Snapping Turtle, Oranda Goldfish, a new White Beetle, Toe-Biter Bug, Citrus Longhorned Beetle, Drone Beetle, Paper Kite Butterfly. A Manila Clam was also dug up on the beach
- As well as facial customization, there is also a face paint option
- If you'd like a clearer HUD, you can turn the minimap off via the Map menu
- Lots of new clothing and crafting options, if you want to check these out, there are a tonne of PAX east demo videos up on YouTube! GameXplain and IGN are a good place to start

They also have an adorable little booth that's Animal Crossing themed (similar to the one at Nintendo Live in Japan), and Nintendo have shared a nice little tour video if it!

There are a lot of videos out there which show off different pieces of gameplay, as well as a few more days of PAX to go, so there's surely some more details to come. We'll update this as things are brought to our attention. You can also follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to help stay up to date!


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