Nintendo Japan Releases Two More New Horizons TV Commercials

With just under a month until release, it's to be expected that we'd get even more news outside of the latest Direct. Nintendo has now released two more trailers for the game, that will air as TV commercials in Japan, and they give us a better look at the game, as well as show off a few new features!

The majority of the trailer isn't anything we haven't already seen, though it shows the player catching a Hermit Crab on the beach, a Snail appearing on a rock - which only previously appeared on flowers - and some strange creatures on the rocks by the sea.

Finally, we get some confirmation on the mysterious Ocarina that showed up in the Direct, with this trailer confirming it will at least be playable in some capacity, which we find very exciting! We also get a small glimpse at what we assume to be part of the opening cut scene, though this could easily be a CGI made specifically for the trailer.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases on March 20th! Be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news! 


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