Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 16

Isabelle opened us up with the morning announcements, which sadly, was that Velma had moved in. Just as I thought, she was exactly who I thought she was, and I'm not very happy to have her on Nublar... The interior of her house does look like it might end up being alright, but that's about all she has going for her.

I'll admit, today was a pretty lack lustre day. Between working the majority of the morning, by the time I came back, there really wasn't a whole lot happening. I really want to start developing Nublar a little more over this weekend, so I spent the Nook Miles I'd earned on some of the pavement options I thought would look nice.

I also really want to change the tune and flag of Nublar, but I'm not much of a creative person, so that might be a bit of a hassle. I do have an idea in mind for the pattern, so I just need to figure out how to make it look good in game. I'll probably work on it a little tonight.

Anyway, to go ahead with my plans of developing, I decided to finally move The Museum to the spot Nook's Cranny used to be. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about moving it here, hence why I didn't do it yesterday, but I think I can make it work. I've got the Island Designer app now anyway, so I can always alter the terrain around, if necessary.

Finally, being a Saturday, that meant K.K. Slider was here to perform. At the present, he was just having a mellow jam session with  Plucky and Rory, but informed us he'd start taking requests after 6PM. Once the night hit, I headed back over, and he said we could request a song, or have him play something from his catalog. I decided to let him pick, and we kicked back and listened to K.K. Ballad.

Oh, I also forgot. My house got its remodel! You can probably see it in the title picture, but here's a better view if you want to have a better look. Honestly, there aren't too many great options with house customization. I really hope more are added later down the line.

Yup. That's literally it for today. I did speak to the residents a tonne, but they never had anything of interest to say, which was a shame. Hopefully tomorrow ends up being a little more eventful! I don't really have any big guides I plan on doing this weekend, only to update some with a couple more details. If there's anything you want to see though, please let me know!


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