What's Coming in The AC:NH Version 1.8.0 Update?

We got out first glimpse at the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.8.0 update earlier this week, which actually included a tonne of new items. Though the update isn't officially out, there's enough information about to determine what will be included in the update, which we've included below the cut! Be warned, as this post contains spoilers!

First, we'll go over all the Super Mario items being added to the game. In the latest Nintendo Direct we got a segment dedicated to this update, which showed some gameplay, as well as a look at the catalog. These items include; 1-Up Mushroom, Block, Coin, Fire Flower, Floating Block, Goal Pole, Large Mushroom Platform, Pipe, Shell, Small Mushroom Platform, Super Mushroom, Super Star, Thwomp,  ? Block, Luigi Hat, Mario Hat, Princess Peach Crown, Wario Hat, Luigi 'stache, Mario 'stache, Wario 'stache, Luigi Outfit, Mario Outfit, Princess Peach Dress, Wario Outfit, Luigi Shoes, Mario Shoes, Princess Peach Shoes, Wario Shoes, Mushroom Mural, Block Flooring, Lakitu's Cloud Rug, Yoshi's Egg Rug. If you wish to view these items, we've included the full Japanese trailer below!

The Japanese website also goes over some more information on the Warp Pipes! The English trailer made it seems like you could only place two Warp Pipes on your Island, but according to the Japanese website you can place multiple! If you have more than 2 Warp Pipes on your Island, than you'll be randomly warped to another Pipe. Additionally, if you place a Warp Pipe inside your House, there's a chance you can be sent to inside your Home, too!

That's it for all the Super Mario related stuff, but the Japanese website also goes over the exclusive Seasonal Items that are included in each update. These include; Girls Day Doll Set, Bonbori Lamp, Pi Day Pie, Shamrock Rug, Shamrock Doorplate, and Shamrock Soda. The Green clothing shown in the Shamrock Day photo will also be available at The Able Sisters. As with every update, players will be sent the Mushroom Mural as a thanks for downloading the update.

There's also an exclusive Shamrock Wand DIY recipe that can only be found via Balloon Presents until March 17th! If you want to nab this exclusive DIY you better get popping those balloons!

That's everything that we could see to be included in the update, but there may be a few surprises to come - similar to how we received the Mermaid Fence and King Tut Mask in previous updates. As for when the next update will come... The games 1 year anniversary is due out in a month, and we've also got news of the Sanrio amiibo cards being restocked around the same time... it's safe to say whenever it'll come, it should be big!

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