NSO's NookLink App Updated, Adds Exclusive New Items

As mentioned in the series of tweets that gave us all the information for the latest update, hidden away was an update for NookLink coming in late March. The app has now been updated, and we've written a guide on all the new and exclusive items you can receive, and how to obtain them!

Using the app is simple; you just need to download the NSO app and select Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From there you can select the Nook Points option to bring you to the new redemption service. Using the service will earn you point, and you can then redeem these points for exclusive Nook Inc. merch in-game.

Currently, it seems the only way to earn points is by logging into the app daily, which will net you 10 points. Rewards range from 10 - 100 points, and you can redeem up to 2 items per day. The rewards are as follows. Nook Inc. Poster (10), Nook Inc. Doorplate (40), ACNH Carrying Case (60), Timmy and Tommy's Photo (100), Tom Nook's Photo (100), and Isabelle's Photo (100). Of course, you'll need to be a NSO member to use the service.

Katrina does make a small cameo in the app, only offering her mumbled advice. There really isn't a whole lot, but it's nice to see another service. Though it's odd these items weren't added to the Nook Stop Terminal; maybe they're planning on further utilizing this service later? Only time will tell.

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