Brand New Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl & Legends Arceus Details Revealed in Latest Pokemon Presents!

During the last week, The Pokemon Company held their latest Pokemon Presents, which contained brand new details of the upcoming titles Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as the 2022 game, Pokemon Legends Arceus. We've got the full details below!

If you were worried the Diamond and Pearl remakes would be a copy and paste 1:1 remake, we've got news for you - they're not! For the most part, it seems the games will remain faithful (with the QOL updates already mentioned on the website), but they've added a few more additions. Firstly, it seems the Pokedex will be the much larger Platinum dex, as a number of post-game/Platinum only Pokemon, such as Togekiss and Houndoom, were shown, and will have a much more expanded Underground, now known as the Grand Underground!

The newly expanded Grans Underground now includes new areas, called Pokemon Hideaways, which seem to be where you'll be able to capture the Pokemon that weren't available in Diamond and Pearl originally, without altering the encounter rates on already existing routes.

Returning features include Pokemon Contests (which have once again been approved, much like in the Gen III remakes), the Union Room and the much loved following Pokemon feature! Trainer customization is also back, though it doesn't seem to be as extensive as it was in Sword and Shield.

Next we have Pokemon Legends Arceus, which looks beautiful. More mechanics of the game were explained, including a crafting system; it seems if you were hoping for Pokemon to receive it's Breath of the Wild moment, this will be it!

We also caught a glimpse of 4 new Pokemon, being regional variants from the Hisui region (the original name before it was known as the Sinnoh region). These include the Stantler evolution, Wyrdeer (Normal/Psychic), Hisuian Growlithe (Fire/Rock) and Braviary (Psychic/Flying), and a regional evolution for Basculin, Basclegion (Water/Ghost).

Among other things, Pokemon Cafe Mix would be getting an update, and now titled Pokemon Cafe Remix, Pokemon Masters EX is getting an anniversary event, as well as Pokemon GO - and Pokemon Unite will be coming to mobile on September 22nd

You can watch the full presentation below!

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