Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Version 2.0 Discovery Thread

With the massive Version 2.0 update now in our hands, we're starting to compile all new discoveries in the game, most of which weren't covered in the Direct! If you want to check out what's new in the update, feel free to take a look. We'll be updating this post throughout the day as new things are discovered, so be sure to check back! Beware, this post contains spoilers!

Version 2.0
- It's been reported there are over 8,000 new items in the update (do note these include customizations)
- The cost to customize your house exterior has been reduced
- Nook Miles can be redeemed for new rewards, including new fences, items, and a storage shed DIY, allowing the player to access their storage from anywhere on their Island
- If you have paid off your entire home loan, you can redeem your Miles for an ABD, allowing you to access your bank whenever you like
- Once you've visited Harvey inside his Photopia studio, you'll receive a letter asking to visit him again
- an ABD is added to Harv's Island so you can access Bells easier
- To unlock the facilities, you'll need to donate Bells. You can only donate to one Gyroid each day.
- Leif offers an extended service, selling bushes, flowers, and the new vegetable starts/seeds
- Katrina will offer your fortune, or evaluate your friendship
- Reese and Cyrus will customize items that can't be done at the DIY workbench
- Redd will sell art (limit of 1 per day), and have a raffle, giving out unique items, such as donuts, magazines, and fans
- Kicks will offer an extended service of shoes, socks, and backpacks
- Tortimer will allow you to access your storage
- Home storage can be expanded at the Resident Services
- Kapp'n will dock his ship at the Pier, taking the player to new Mystery Islands
- Once you've spoken to Blathers, you will find Brewster on these new Tours, who you can invite to your Island. The Museum will close the following day for renovations, and open up the day after with The Roost
- Brewster will offer "to go" coffee after 3 days of purchases
- All Special Characters can be scanned into Photopia via their amiibo cards
- Ordinances cost 20,000 bells
- DIY Recipes can now be placed in storage
- Completing a Museum section will now reward the player with a poster, which contains all donated specimens
- Kappn's Island Tours don't contain villagers, you'll need to use Nook Miles Tickets for your villager hunts. However, the new villagers can show up on the NMT tours
- Kappn's Tours have a limit of one per day
- The Kapp'n Islands that are set in different seasons have a chance of housing an exclusive seasonal DIY recipe
- When Kapp'n is taking you to an Island, you can press Y, X or A to emote along to his tune. you can press B to skip his song
- New Nook Miles Rewards are; Island Life 101 Service (400), Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+ (2,000), Pro Camera App (1,500), Custom Designs Patterns+ (1,800), Pro Decorating License (2,500), Custom Fencing in a Flash (2,500), New Reactions Notebook (3,300), Pro Construction License (3,000), Top 4 Fab Hairstyles (1,200)
- If you have bought the Pro Decorating License before learning how on the Happy Home Paradise, Tom Nook will refund you your 2,500 Miles
- Island Life 101 shows tips in the app, and also on the loading screen
- Home Storage Expansions: 700,000 Bells for 3,200 items, 900,000 Bells for 4,000 items, and 1,200,000 Bells for 5,000 items
- New DIYs that can be purchased from Nooks Cranny: Ladder Set-Up Kit (2,000 bells), Pitfall Seed (900 bells), Basic Cooking Recipes (4,980 bells)

Happy Home Paradise DLC
- Once the DLC has been installed, Tom Nook will call the player, asking to meet them at the Airport. Here they will introduce the player to Lottie, which will allow you to travel to the Happy Home Paradise
- Orville will give you a small overview of the archipelago on your first flight
- Once you land, Niko will introduce himself and guide you to the Office. After a small introduction, Lottie will ask you to go upstairs to the staff room to get into your uniform
- In the staff room, you can access a locker which has a number of clothing options to create your very own work uniform
- There is also a cabinet to access your home storage, and a mirror to customize your appearance
- Once you head downstairs you'll have meet first client, and have a meeting to go over the design briefing and the clients vision
- Niko will take you to an Island and give you a tutorial on designing their home. Once completed, you can speak to the client and you'll complete the job
- Each client will give you a set of items you can use. You can't use items you've already obtained back on your Island, and can only use items you obtain on the archipelago
- Once you head back to the Office, Lottie will thank you and give you some Poki (currently for the archipelago), which you can spend at the gift shop for unique items
- You can't use tools on the archipelago, but you can collect Vines and Glowing Moss
- There are 5 buildings on the archipelago that you will be able to design into a school, hospital, etc at a later time
- To start your next shift, you have to speak to Lottie and then approach a Villager on the beach and they'll request you build their vacation home
- Some Villagers will have a set spot they'll want their vacation home located, others will give you a free choice on where to set up
- You are able to build multiple vacation homes on the same Island

- Once you start your second vacation home, you can start decorating the yard
- You can also take a photo after completing their home using the camera app, which Niko will add to the design folios
- Once finished, you'll receive the Happy Home Network app, where you can check the information of all the homes you've designed
- For your third shift, Lottie will ask you go back to the first holiday home you design and take a photo for your portfolio. You can also use this visit to do some more tweaking to their home if you please, as well as design a yard since you did not get the chance to the first time
- You can visit vacation homes either by speaking to Niko, or directly using the HHN app
- After your third client, you'll notice Wardell cleaning (polishing) the work area
- Once completing your fourth clients home, Niko will show you how to polish furniture - you press L to get changed into your polishing scrubs, then interact with a piece of furniture by pressing the A button to begin polishing it
- Returning from your fourth client, Lottie will ask you take a break after some hard work, and also mention she wishes to get some steps in and take a break herself. If you go outside, you will find Lottie to the building to the left of the Office
- She'll mention the previous owner had made the buildings, and this one was planned to be a school. She says she is happy to continue building the school as it would help bring attention to the resort, but asks you build more of a client base first
- After working for a fifth client, Niko will speak with you over at the pier, and let you know about a mysterious bottle that washed up on the beach. It will contain a new DIY recipe, and will be the catalyst for message bottles containing new DIYs to wash up on the archipelago. Lottie will also inform you that a DIY workbench is on its way to the staff room
- After your 6th client, your clothing selection for your work uniform will be expanded
- Starting before your 7th client, Lottie will inform you she's got all the permits completed to start designing the school, and will take you to the vacant lot to start building it
- You'll create the exterior first, before starting work on the interior
- Once you reach the interior, Lottie will remark it's very small and will give you the ability to change the size of the interior whilst in design mode. You can change the size of the room, add/remove windows, and make changes to the entry hallway
- When designing facilities, you'll have more design requirements, such as the amount of chairs you'll need. The school requires 1 teachers desk, 2 desks and 4 chairs.
- Once completed, you can select which residents of the archipelago you'd like to employ in certain roles, and you can also name the facilities
- Starting on your 8th client, Lottie will speak to you about the amiibo scanner, which will allow you to scan in characters via their amiibo and design their house
- Once you start designing your 8th clients home, you will notice a partition wall on the interior, and Niko will teach you how to use partition walls when designing houses
- Afterwards, Niko will send you the DIY Recipe for the Partition Wall so you can use them in your house over at your Island. To craft them you'll need 3 Wood and 3 Clay
- The DIY Workbench will also be installed upstairs in the staff room after your 8th client
- Lief has showed up on the beach, asking to be taken to the school to hold a lecture on flowers. Afterwards, you'll be able to place hybrid flowers and veggies when designing houses
- Once you have completed 10 holiday homes, Lottie will hold a small celebration for you, and will mention she wishes she could hold a party on a much larger scale for you
- Wardell will also mail you a Large Paradise Planning Rug as a reward for completing 10 homes
- After your 11th client, Lottie will call you a Breakout Designer, and your selection of work clothing will once again be updated
- Just as you're about to finish your 12th client, Niko will teach you how to add additional sparkle effects to items you've shines
- Upon returning to the Office, Lottie will inform you she's been given the all clear to build two new facilities, a restaurant and a cafe, letting you chose which one to build first
- Whichever one you first decide to build, once you've designed the exterior, Lottie will teach you how to set mood and colored lighting on the interior
- The Paradise Planning Shop will also gain a new service once you've spent over 100,000 poki, allowing players to purchase items even if they don't have enough Poki, and pay it off later
- It will gain an additonal catlog service, allowing you to order items you've unlocked on the Happy Home Paradise, once you've spent over 150,000 bells
- In addition to showing up on the beach, tourists will also visit the Cafe and Restaurant, where you can offer to build their vacation homes
- Returning to the Office after your 13th client, Lottie will tell you the Paradise Planning Team is teaming up with the Happy Home Academy, allowing you to share design portfolios via the internet and tour the houses
- After your 15th client, Lottie will allow you to use the items in your DIY recipe catalog in homes you create, the caveat being you've already made them before
- Niko will soon take you to the school to hold a lecture about some DIY recipes he's come up with, pillars and island counter! Much like the partition wall, you can use these over on your Island, too
- Between your 16th and 17th client, Niko will walk into the Office, and a previous client will follow him, and will ask if you could help them with getting a roommate to move in with them
- To find a roomie, you can either check out the visitors at the Cafe/Restaurant, use an amiibo card, or ask a client you've already designed a home for
- Once picked out, you'll head over to the initial clients house to give them a remodel, accounting for their second resident
- Niko will have a box upstairs that you can dump materials into, to create more partition and counter designs, he asks for 30 tree branches and 10 wood. Niko will also send you new variations of the counters and pillars
- After your 18th client, you'll find Wardell on the northern beach, he'll tell you about all the beautiful sounds of the natural world, and you'll then learn the ability to add soundscapes to your clients homes
- After 19 homes, you'll be able to work for VIP clients (these are special character amiibo cards), and you can also add second floors to houses. Once you've built a house for a VIP client, you'll receive their picture in the mail the next day
- Lottie will hold a celebration at the 20 client milestone, and mention her big plans to hold a music festival. She'll ask you to work on 10 more houses to bring more tourists to the island
- After your 21st client, Lottie will fall ill of a stomach ache and be taken away by Wilbur for treatment. In her absence, she'll leave Niko and Wardell in charge
- Niko believes the best thing to do is temporarily shut down, but a client will soon walk in and request a vacation home, starting your 22nd client
- Once you finish the home, Lottie
 will have returned and thank you for being concerned about her, and gift you some Nigirizushi
- Given her recent health scare, you'll also be given the option to build a local hospital on the Island
- The Hospital has two rooms, one dining room, and one kitchen, each with their own unique furniture requirements
- After 23 houses, Lottie will install an ABD into the office, which will dispense both Bells and Poki - you can also convert Poki into Bells and vice versa
- The exchange rates change daily, and there's a limit on how much you can exchange each day, capping out at 15,000 Poki


  1. Hi there! Love the list, but I noticed a mistake: on Harv's island you can donate to more than one gyroid per day, there isn't a once a day limit. I was able to donate to all of them, so I would double check that!

    1. You can only -pay off- one gyroid per day. Once you've completed a donation goal they stop taking donations for the day. As long as you don't complete the goal you can continue to donate to others.

  2. The list says we can refuse a DIY from villagers but mine still force DIYS on me :’(


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