Normally I wouldn't post stuff like this, but I thought people might be interested in this (plus I wanna fine tune my blogging skills before New Leaf hehe). For those interested, Vivid is a lights festival in Sydney, where they have many many light displays and draws huge attention. I've never gone before and I was pretty excited to go for the first time. Anyway, if you wanna know more about vivid, I'll link the website here.

On the train

The train was honestly packed... I've never been on a train this busy (except in Japan during peak hour!), but compared to Sydney peak hour, this was heaps worse than I've ever seen. I hopped off the train at Town Hall and changed trains to Circular Quay, and as soon as I hopped off the train there were lights everywhere.

This was the first light display I saw, it was an illuminated arch-way - I only have pictures of it being green and red, but it went to heaps more colors; blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink and even rainbow!

The next one I saw was this floating red spiked ball. Sadly we've had a bad case of rain for the past few days, so I had to cross a muddy field to get to the artwork, but it was a pretty cool one.

It was on a chain and people could touch it and make it
move... until it overheated and broke. LOL

In the distance I could then see heaps of flashy lights on a building. It looked kinda boring from the distance but I had to head over that way to look at more lights anyway so I headed on over to the building. But before I got to the building there were some illuminated flowers in a forest, and these were my second favorite (my favorite being the sky grass mentioned later).

So beautiful

So then I headed off to the building, and the time I spent looking at these flowers, the lights on the building had changed, and man I'm glad it changed when it did because honestly these new lights looked so cool!

The new patterns were absolutely amazing and not to mention the groovy music playing, made the lights look even more mesmerising. I stood there watching for another 10 minutes until it repeated itself. I continued walking along the harbour towards the harbour bridge, which to be honest, kinda bored me (maybe because I was used to the amazing lights they put on it during new years eve). I looked at the bridge for a few minutes but it didn't seem to be doing anything spectacular..

The disappointing harbour bridge

So I ignored the harbour bridge and walked further along the harbour, towards a big illuminated W I could see in the distance.

The 'W' (which turned out to be V's for vivid)

 Though the image only shows two sides, it was actually a cube with a V on each side, which alternated between pink and purple. I walked past the V's and was next to a road, where I saw this artwork which I thought was pretty clever;

There's another one on each end but it didn't fit in the shot

I kinda wanted to cross the road and take a picture of each individually so that I could put them in gif for and hopefully it'd look nice. Alas, I did not but I'm not overall disappointed by it. I then saw some giant rainbow board and walked towards it and took a picture

it's meant to be a piano but the side view doesn't depict
it too well

 It took me a while until I realised it was meant to be a piano lol. Anyway, there were a few more lights up that end but nothing overly too exciting. So I walked back to the train station and walked along side the other side of the harbour. There weren't too many lights on this side (as there were many restaurants) but there were a few nice ones;

It's the Sydney Opera House in case you couldn't tell

 The Opera House was the only exciting thing up this end. It honestly displayed hundreds of different patterns, and it was virtually impossible to take pictures or every single one (it also showed rainbows, golf, adverts and many many more).

Then I walked back to the station to leave (I'd been there for around two and a half hours) when I saw my absolute favorite light display, it was called Sky Grass


There were about 5 or  6 clumps of ~5 hanging from the ceiling going into many different colors (aqua looked the best but the picture didn't turn out too well). Anyway that's about it. Of course there were many many more displays (including illuminated balls, more wall art works, and projections onto a cruise ship) but I didn't have time to get to them all. And that's about it. To part, I give you a picture of something not included in vivid consisting of a car crushed by a rock on a round-about


Hopefully my next blog post will be New Leaf, but that will be in 20 days. Maybe I'll go out again and make another post like this one but man I don't know. Hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as I did! I wish I took my other phone as it has a better quality camera, but oh well, they still turned out pretty good.


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