Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 11: Sweet Dreams

Last Nights Caper
I just spent it on the island and got a few hundred thousand bells. Nothing overly exciting.

Day 11
Had some mail. I honestly don't even know what time mail comes anymore, I swear they've changed from the usual 9am and 5pm in the previous games... It just seems to be random now... Anyway, I had a letter from the HHA, who gave me a HHA Shirt for scoring 10,000 points.


I like it. It's pretty cute.

Yay! Nooklings was finally expanding! I've been waiting for this moment forever. It's sad it'll be closed tomorrow, but on Thursday I'll have the bigger and better expansion, can't wait!

They even had a sale due to their upgrading. I'm not too sure, but I believe some items were at 50% off. The shovel was only 250 bells, and the two items up back were less than 1,000 each. The fortune cookie was still 2 play coins though. Oh well. It was a nice touch, I hope they have a sale every time they upgrade!

I can never seem to get the fortunes right... I try to guess what item I will get, given the fortune, but every time I seem to crash and burn with my guesses... I've only gotten the fortunes for the Hero's Clothes and Varia Suit right... I was almost positive today's reward would be a flame bar... Alas, I was wrong... It was a Red Pikmin, I should really get into the Pikmin series lol.

I'd been meaning to visit Cyrus for a while now. I wanted my piggy bank to be remade into black. For some reason I thought I'd need a silver nugget to have it remade (don't ask me why lol) - and I finally got one form today's gem rock. Though as soon as I spoke to Cyrus I remembered I didn't need an ore... He gave me the option to turn it into something special if I gave him the ore, but I didn't. Black piggy bank it is.

I'd also finally unlocked the QR code machine (have yet to scan a code, though. I might do so right after this post). I was hoping to get it yesterday, but I'm totally cool with getting it today.

Maybe now I can make the landscape of Skyfall be a little more interesting... We'll see.

And the moment you've all been waiting for...

OMG. I was so excited to have unlocked this. Like, so excited. I spent a good 3 hours visiting dream towns (should have been doing my English assessment instead, oops). I visited Mimin (Josh's town), a Pokemon themed village, and the Japanese Nintendo village.

My dream address for those interested. I'll probably update the banner 
on the weekend.

I'll post pictures of the dream towns at the end of this post, just so I don't clog up the feed.

After a good number of hours dreaming, I managed to put the game down and work a solid 2 and a half hours on my English work. After doing so I decided to take it easy for the rest of the evening and spent the night on the island catching a few bugs. I also took the Shark-Battle Tour (just because the name sounded hectic LOL).

Unrelated News
Why do all the busy things come in one day... Before it was Rosie moving in, the Garden Store opening, Phinneas coming to town, and the Summer Solstice all in the one day... Today it was unlocking the QR machine, and Dream Suite, and having Nooklings begin remodeling. Sheesh! Ugly neighbors and busy days must be a Skyfall tradition. Let's try change that real quick!

Today's hybrids; a purple and black rose

No Sable. I couldn't see it

The Dream Towns I visited: 

Nintendo Village

Mikado Village

Poke Village

I got the blank path from Wendell. I'm considering going back to get 
the snow and snowflake designs

"Welcome to Nintendo Village!"

Mimin: 1100-0252-3264
Nintendo Village: 0000-0100-0017
Mikado Village: 3700 - 0118 - 1600
Poke Village: 1200 - 1040 - 9659

It's getting pretty late now. I don't think I'll have any time to play tonight. I'll have to leave QR codes 'til tomorrow as the Able Sisters is closed right now. Cya!


  1. The Pokémon village seems super cool, I might check it out today! Congratulations with all the "unlockings" you did today!

  2. This is really important...
    How do you put 3ds photos onto your computer/blog?
    I have tried some things, and they didn't work.
    Could you share your secrets with me about putting them online?
    And also, very nice. I like that you have accomplished so much and your only on your 11th day! I'm on my 4th. x)
    -Thank you!

    1. Your pictures are on the SD card in your 3DS. You put the SD card in your computer and the pictures should be in the folder DCIM. Hope that helps c:
      P.S. Make sure your 3DS is off when you take out the SD card.


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