Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 12

Last Nights Caper
Didn't play after blogging.

Day 12

It was raining in Skyfall today, too bad I'd already caught a Coelacanth, I would have tried to catch some more but trying to juggle gameplay with an English assessment didn't work out too well. There's always next time.

Katie was in my town today. I didn't want to take her to another town via wifi (too lazy hehe), so I waited a few hours until my my brother came home

Sorry, you're going to have to wait another 4 hours

Katrina had also pitched her tent in town. Katie and Katrina in the same day, cool.


After mumbling some more (I don't even understand what she says half the time), she eventually told me my lucky item was 'Hat' - I hate wearing hats, and I didn't really care about to good health fortune (from memory it just makes bee's less likely to sting or something, and I didn't plan on shaking any trees today). So I left her tent and hit up Main Street.

My brother had sent me a text today, telling me Kick's had begun construction. I then realized I was under-par with my stores. I don't generally buy clothes at the Able Sisters, I usually just pick a look and stick to it (as you can probably tell from all my posts). But I wanted to change my shoes and socks so I bought out most of the store, hopefully It'll begin construction tomorrow, ready to be used on the weekend..

This was the only thing I bought that I liked...

I also thought I should try out the QR code machine, since I didn't yesterday. After scrolling through the QR code page on my blog, I came across a nice Piano long sleeve which I scanned and wore. I really like it.

It's really nice. Kudos to whoever made it~

I'll probably turn my Pikachu flag into a QR code sometime soon.

I then decided to check out the Dream Suite again, to check on the number of people who have dreamed about my town. I'd had 142 visits. Pretty neat.

I updated my town and she paid me 5,000 bells. Sweet! Afterwards I hit up Nintendo Village again to get the snow and snowflake path patterns.

I tried to visit a random town this time, but Luna said I was having trouble sleeping due to a bad internet connection... Using a Dream Address works fine, I don't know why a random town wont. Maybe it's just a glitch which needs to be fixed or something, anyone able to help me out?

I always wanted to build another public works project, and since Rodeo just suggested we build a hammock, I decided on building one today.

I paid it off immediately (I have around 1,500,000 bells), and shall look forward to having it built tomorrow. I'll probably end up removing it later on, but oh well. It wasn't that expensive.

Gala didn't seem to be around town today. She wasn't at home, or around town, so she was probably wandering around the Museum (or locked inside the construction site of the Nooklings store). I wanted to know the latest gossip around town, but I was too lazy to speak to her. Instead Ricky had the gossip today. It seemed more like he was prying on himself, though...

I just got to the point, I said he was disgusting.

Can you please do us all a favor and move out, Ricky. I just want your spot to build the campsite lol.

Once my brother came home I asked him if he could open up his gates to let me take Katie there. He let me and I took Katie there right away (he had Katie yesterday but wasn't home and didn't have wifi access).

Unrelated News
That's about all today. I wanted to have this posted about half an hour ago so I'd have some more time to revise me English essay, but it is what it is. I guess I'll just stay up a little later than usual... Meh. I probably wont play after tonight's blog post, either.
I'm also able to tell my blog posts are a little on the boring side (at least that's what it seems like to me). I'm just a little stressed out with school though. Blogging helps a little as it frees my mind off the work, it just doesn't help being tired all the time though, but hopefully I'll be able to control my stress levels (and fix my sleeping routine) and get back to some nice blog posts. Cya!

He's so adorable in the rain~


  1. With random if your internet fluctuates even a little bit you can have issues. It took me a few tries but it worked and I visited some Japanese one.

  2. I really enjoy reading your updates! I am around day 10 right now with my town. Would you mind sharing how you got so many bells? Is it the island (beetles) method?

    1. I use that method, and it can get you multitudes of bells.

  3. This is really important...
    How do you put 3ds photos onto your computer/blog?
    I have tried some things, and they didn't work.
    Could you share your secrets with me about putting them online?
    And also, very nice. I like that you have accomplished so much and your only on your 11th day! I'm on my 5th. x)
    -Thank you!

    1. Ok so when you put your 3DS SD card into your computer, just import the photos or choose which ones you want to import. You can also just view the photos and drag them onto your desktop.

  4. AHH ricky just moved in to my town! D: it was so ironic, i just read some of your posts then decided to start playing acnl. waah ricky move out D:::

  5. Whats the qr code for the road in the front of your house?

    Thanks :)


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