Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 13

Trying to get tonight's post out about an hour or two early.

Last Nights Caper
Didn't end up playing - should play after tomorrow nights post, though!

Day 13

My house exterior is coming across nicely.

Katie rewarded me with her photograph as thanks for taking her out to another village.

But guess who showed up in town again... Katie.

She must really like Skyfall, I wish she could permanently move in, (and replace Ricky) she's so cute!! I took her to La Lune village, and shall await my reward tomorrow. I hope I get something different.

The Convenient Store had also opened up shop today. Woohoo!! It's been a while since I've seen what the Convenient Store looked like, so it was nice getting a fresh look.

I bought the megaphone and the two fortune cookies. My pile of play coins is slowly diminishing...

And Kick's begun construction today! It should be open for business on Sunday (I think...)

Reese was buying turnips for 132 bells (for the whole of the week they've been below 50) - I didn't know whether or not to sell to her. I decided not to, and hopefully they'll get a little higher tomorrow or Saturday. If not, I'll ask around again and try sell in one of my friends towns.

Since I was near the Town Hall I decided to hold the completion ceremony for the hammock.

Now that it's actually completed I might consider keeping it there. It actually looks fairly decent. That said, if I do reach the 30 public works project, it'll probably be one of the first on the demolition list.

I had some spare time on my hands, so I decided to hit up the island. I was too lazy to walk down to the beach, so instead I jumped off the cliff.

When I reached the shore I saw a familiar face resting on the beach. I screamed his name in my newly bought megaphone and woke him up immediately. 

Today's travel was a little harder than the last, I didn't really know what he was talking about when he gave me his hints...

My options were;
- Japan
- Norway

- Denmark

I knew it definitely wasn't USA or Japan, so I was torn between Norway and Denmark. For some reason Norway didn't scream Mermaid to me, so I chose Denmark.

I was right. I shall await my gift tomorrow. I have yet to check what it is so I should be surprised. Although I'm pretty sure it'll be a Mermaid Statue.

After returning from the island, Rosie suggested our third public works project, nothing huge though. It was just a yield sign. I don't plan on building it anytime soon. Sorry, Rosie.

I also saw Phineas up ahead, he had four new badges to give me. I honestly thought I'd have a few more badge s be now, none the less, I don't really care that much.

Finally I decided on paying off my mortgage. I should be getting my house expanded tomorrow, but I'm almost certain I forgot to talk to Tom Nook after paying it off. So that wont be happening tomorrow. Oops...

Unrelated News
English assessment went well, at least, I thought it did. I have a math one tomorrow, but I'm not great at math anymore, so don't see that going too well. That's why I posted so early tonight, so I had a little more time to study, unlike last night. I also have a two week from school after tomorrow, but I have to do school work in between as it's my final year - that shouldn't affect my blogging regime though.

Pink rose. I collected all hybrid roses and put them next to the
fountain, hoping they'd breed.

I kept tripping today. I did wonder if wearing a hat like Katrina 
suggested yesterday would help, but I didn't get around to 
trying it out.


  1. Don't forget to check morning and night for the turnip prices. They do change twice each day.


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