Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 14

Last Nights Caper
Nothing... yolo

Day 14

Shrunk was waiting for me. I should be getting Club LOL in a little less than a week. I'm not overly fussed, though. I'm fine waiting for it. Shrunk asked me to get 6 signatures for his petition, which I managed to get with ease in a little under 10 minutes, which I then handed to him in Main Street.

Notice how I didn't get Ricky to sign it... hehe

Since I was near the Dream Suite, I decided to update my town (I really need to wait until I water my flowers though, I want my flowers all sparkly).

We're so close to 1,000. I hope we have it by tomorrow. Thanks so much, guys. I hope you're enjoying my town! Which reminds me, I'll probably update the banner with my Dream Address right after this post.

I also checked in with Nook, and as I thought, I'd forgotten to see him after paying off my loan yesterday... oops. Instead he told me he'd be expanding today, and my new mortgage was at 498,000 bells. But I knew something wasn't right... They had the darned Arched Zen Door in stock today!! Arghh, I couldn't buy it due to my house being expanded. Guess we have to wait... again.
I'm the mayor don't tell me what I can and can't do

And praise! I finally got a fortune cookie item right based on the fortune! I got #28 right. I feel as though #47 should have been easy, too. But nope, just wasn't lucky enough to get two in a row... Damn.

The Able Sisters also had a nice shirt in stock. I bought it for a steal. I really like this, it's something I'd actually wear in the real world.

Reese was also buying turnips for 156 bells. I wasn't going to sell, since I'm almost certain the prices will increase tomorrow (as they've been crap all week), but I didn't want to risk it. I've never been one to get involved with the stalk market (is it stork, stock or what I don't even know...), so I wasn't willing to take a gamble so early on, and gave into selling. I made ~75,000 bells out of the 500 turnips I sold. I'll check out the prices tomorrow to see if my prediction was correct.

The area around my house was coming along nicely. I'm just waiting for a load more hybrids so I can make a cute garden out the front, I'm also contemplating putting a public works project out the front, but I don't know what I'd put, so maybe not..

My red hibiscus bushes have started budding. I'm thinking of planting
a row of yellow ones just above it...

From my mail, I had a letter from Katie, and Gulliver. Gulliver gave me the Mermaid Statue as I suspected, and Katie gave me a Toy Camera, which is what I was hoping for. Double win.

Mermaid Statue

Toy Camera

I also did some rearranging of my house (it was long overdue), I'm still not happy with it's outcome though, It just doesn't flow. It just looks plain and boring. I put Katie's picture on the table, which had a cute caption.

I'd been wanting to have Cyrus remake a few items for a while now, but I don't like any of the remake options of items I own. I've been eagerly waiting for a balloon to give me a balloon dog, but since I don't carry a slingshot, every balloon has been flying away from the beach cliff, so I can't hit it with my net. But I got lucky today! I heard one blowing in the wind, heading towards the cliff, and it gave me a balloon dog. Wee!!

I gave it to Cyrus who gave me several color options to make it; red, yellow, blue, green and gray. Apparently there is a pink option, but I don't recall seeing it. Oh well. I chose to have it remade into gray.

When I went to pick it up I didn't really like it being gray... It just looks bland. So I gave it back to Cyrus and asked to get it remade into another color. I forget which color I chose (oops), but I think I picked yellow. However after seeing these remake colors, I'm thinking if yellow doesn't look nice I'll check back to see if pink is there and make that.

That was about all for today, I spent most of it on the island, and got a little under 400,000 bells.

Unrelated News
Finally I'm on a two week "break" from school (I still have huge loads of work to do, though). Oh well, at least I can actually feel like I can sleep in past 9:30 on weekends and not feel like I've wasted one of my two days off. Now I have a huge 14! That should mean I'll have more time to blog and such, but I have to go into school on both Tuesdays so yeah.

Stay up late and party hard! Cya!!

Everyone in Skyfall wants a sea bass...


  1. Geez, all my villagers are crazy for Dorados. =(

  2. Mine all ask for hercules beetles and arapaimas and give me some stupid 50-bell t-shirt that doesn't even look nice. whyyyyyyy

  3. My villagers ask for random fish... one of them wanted a orange for christmas..
    yeah ok.

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