Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 15

Last Nights Capers
I feel as though I played but don't remember doing so... Who knows.

Day 15

My house has been expanded! Woo! Having a large second floor looks really weird. I'm not gonna lie. I like it though, just waiting to get the rest of the minimalist series...

Reese's turnip prices were actually lower today. Luckily I sold yesterday, though in the morning they weren't that much lower than yesterday, at 148 bells. But once noon hit, her price lowered to  56 bells. Luckily I sold when I did.
Whilst there I decided to pick up my Balloon Dog. The yellow looked nice but I wanted pink. So I remade again.

I then did the usual of watering flowers, then I hit up Main Street. This time I updated my dream data after I had watered my flowers, so they'll be all sparkly. Unfortunately I forgot to read the total number of people who have dreamt about my town, so I'm not too sure on that, I'm assuming it's over 1,000 though. We'll find out tomorrow.

I got none of them right but is that really much of a surprise??

I went to the museum to donate of fossils, when I saw Blathers thinking. I was getting the Museum Second Floor. I didn't really expect this today. But woah, this is cool. I've been looking forward to this for a while.

I went to Isabelle to pay it off right away.

Phineas was also wondering around town today. He just gave me one new badge. I really want to get a silver badge...

I also got word today from Bree that Gala was considering leaving Skyfall. I guess Bree is the gossip-in-waiting for when Gala leaves, or maybe they're just best friends and discuss gossip over cups of tea? Anyway, no way was I having my news source of Skyfall leaving. 

I looked around and found Gala, who didn't seem interested in dropping the L bomb on me any time soon... In stead she just told me what a nice day it was and other stuff I didn't care about. I decided to leave her be whilst she wound up the courage to tell me on her own terms.

Instead, Ricky wanted to sell me a Basic Painting. He asked ~3,000 bells for it, and I said yes. Thankfully it was a legit painting, and it now displays in the museum. Nice one, Ricky. I still hate you though (why can't you move out instead of Gala?).

After spending the rest of the day at the island, when I came back in the late evening, Gala finally decided to inform me of her shocking secret.

I told her there was no way she was leaving, and she agreed with me. Yay! Gala isn't leaving anymore.

And with that, I felt like my duties for the day were done.

Unrelated News
I slept in really late today, which kinda threw my schedule off. I probably wont play anymore tonight (I have a stack of beetles to sell, though. But Re-Tail is closed). Tomorrow I should be getting Kicks' and the Museum Upgrade, yet another day where everything decided to come in the same day. It should be pretty cool though. I honestly didn't have much motivation to play today, hence the short post. Oh well. There's always tomorrow, which'll hopefully be better. Cya!


  1. hey i have the minimalist-
    bed and wardrobe that you don't have.. when you have time we can trade? i'll pay you dw c:

  2. I just visited your town! It's pretty epic... You have something upstairs on your dresser, it's a globe thing with a fish in it...what's that called and how did you get it?! Also I have some red carnations you can have, I only have one though. Not sure how I got them.

    My Dream Address is 5500-2227-2537

  3. Thank you so much your posts really help me

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