Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 3: It's Official!

Last Nights Caper
I managed to catch a Tarantula (my first attempt, too) - the net creeping addition makes it so much easier. I saw another one later, but it jumped in the water. I also got another three silver slingshots.. Anyone in need?

Monday's are usually my worst day. As soon as I get home I have around 30 minutes for myself before I have to get ready and leave for tennis, and not coming home 'til 4 hours later. I managed to squeeze a quick 15 minutes of play time before I left.

When I first clocked in, Isabelle was waiting for me, as per usual, but this time she also told me the old mayor wanted to have a few words with me. It was Tortimer, and he told me to meet him down at the docks. Sadly I didn't have time to speak with him right away, as I had to check out Main Street in spite most shops may be closed by the time I got home.

Today an Orange Pansy had appeared in Skyfall

I hit up Main Street, and headed to Nook's Homes immediately, as I'd just paid off my loan the day before. I was greeted by not only Tom Nook, but also Lyle, who was in charge of the Happy Home Academy (HHA).

After being introduced to Lyle I spoke to Tom Nook, who informed me about my new mortgage, a fee of 98,000 bells. I'll probably pay that off tomorrow.

I then did the usual of checking out the Able Sisters (which had nothing of interest), and then Nooklings Junction.

After buying out most of the store, I started to make my way back to town, when I could see a figure ahead in the distance. It was Digby (I was expecting him to show up yesterday so I was happy to see him today). However, I expected him to ramble on about how to use the Happy Home Showcase so instead I ignored him and headed back to town, as I was pressed for time.

I went to check out the town square to see if the town tree had grow, it hadn't. But Redd's tent was smacked down, and I decided to go inside and look at his fine wares.

Fake - the real one has no towel over it's shoulder

Real - the fake one has a carrot for a nose

Fake - in the real painting the shell is open

Apparently the fake has a bug on it, but I've never been able to see it,
 but since the Jolly Painting was real, I assumed this was fake, too.

I bought the Jolly Painting, and Redd said he'd mail it to my the next day. I kinda feel like I goofed on it and it'll turn out to be fake... Oh well, I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Julian had also moved in today (Isabelle had informed me on the home screen). As I expected, he's the new Unicorn villager, and he seems pretty cool. I can't wait to see him walking about tomorrow!

That was about all I had time for until I left for tennis. I'm not sure what I'll do next week, though... As soon as I came home I jumped right in and met Tortimer at the docks.

He told me he'd organize for a boat to take me to the island from tomorrow, I can't wait! I then headed back to Main Street to speak with Digby. Oddly enough, he didn't give me some 10 minute lecture like I expected, he just gave me a brief overview and asked me if I'd like to turn StreetPass on. 

After activating StreetPass I checked out the HH Showcase, but it was empty, and left right away. I headed back to town to check with Isabelle to see whether or not my development permit had been finalized.

I caught another Tarantula

As soon as  I sat down in my mayors chair (I love the feeling of empowerment that flows through me when I type that, lol), Isabelle quickly informed me that my development permit had arrived, and I could begin doing mayoral duties around the town. I could set an ordinance, and build public works projects!

I set the Beautiful Town ordinance into effect, which will be active as of tomorrow morning, and then quickly got to work on building my first ever public works project. I was torn between a bridge, and a camping ground. I wanted the bridge for easy travel around town, and the tent just because it was cheap. In the end, the tent won me over and I headed out to place it.

Isabelle asked me to take her to the spot where I'd like to place the campsite, which wasn't too hard as I already had a pretty good idea of where I'd like to place it.

Even though I had a faint idea of where I'd like it to be placed, both spots seemed strange, and I wanted it to be in a spot I was happy with, as I was informed that I can not remove it later...

The only real spot I thought it should be placed was where Ricky's house was... After umming and ahhing I decided on not placing a campsite, as I'd probably regret it's placement later on. Instead I'll just wait for the hideous Ricky to move out.

So I cancelled the project, and headed back to the Town Hall where I chose to place a suspension bridge instead. I knew exactly where I wanted to place the bridge, and I did so immediately - right next to my house.

I was happy with the placement, and decided to undergo construction. Isabelle told me about paying for the project, and I should make my payments directly to Lloid, the Gyroid.

Other News
My cold seems to be better today, hopefully I'll be well in the coming days. I'm happy to be getting the island tomorrow, I'll be able to get a lot of bells and build some nice public works protects (though I don't like many of the default ones). I plan on playing again in a few minutes, where I'll hopefully save up enough bells, and pay off most, if not, all the funds needed for the suspension bridge.


  1. For the neutral painting the fake looks to me like big leaf on the top left has a hole to look like the new leaf logo leaf. I still have yet to see a bug lol

  2. I need a sling shot <3 xxx

  3. I would LOVE to get a slingshot from you bidoof <3

  4. I would love a slingshot! :D

  5. Hi Bidoof, First of all, thank you for the amount of information you gather, it is really useful. I have a question though, Can you please explain to me how to make a villager move away from your town. I have this really ugly penguin, Iggly, and he WONT move. Thanks in advance

  6. Darn, I see that 3 people want a slingshot D:
    I'll have to wait... I don't even have a regular yet either, boohoo T~T

  7. Whoa, I'm jealous of your hybrids! Maybe I should start looking at how to make them haha.
    It's been a whole week and no Redd for me either, I only need a real painting to unlock the museum's second floor! >:{

  8. I fainted after I got bitten by the tarantula. (In the game) You just end up in front of your house again.


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