Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 4: Island Time!

Last Nights Caper
By the time I finished last nights blog post and got my act together I didn't have time to play anymore.

I'll be honest, all I wanted to do today was go to the island. I didn't care about anything else, but I knew Skyfall needed to under go it's daily routine of flower watering, and store checkig

Julian was out for a walk and complimented the Beautiful Town Ordinance

I thought my brother was coming home today/tonight - so I was anxiously awaiting his arrival so we could StreetPass to exchange data and I could find his home in the HH Showcase, but after a few minutes I remembered he wasn't coming back until tomorrow... Bugger.

I checked out the stores in Main Street, but nothing took to my liking.

I got a coin in case you couldn't tell

I then headed for the docks, eagerly looking forward to my first ever trip to the island. Kapp'n was waiting at the dock in his boat as planned, and I spoke with him about taking me to the island. It cost me 1,000 bell travel, and the pain of listening to one of his songs (which I skipped LOL).

I arrived at the island to see that they had the Club Tortimer membership card on sale. Score! I'll purchase that after I checked out the island.

Bananas are my palm fruit, great.

Lychees were my island fruit

After frolicking around the island for a few hours of fishing, bug catching and intense diving minutes, I headed back inside to check the price of the membership card. It was 50 medals. I'd have to do a lot of tours to rack up that many medals. There were the tours available on the island today;

I tried out all the tours, but I found the Easy Scavenger Tour the easiest, and I managed to accumulate 50 medals in a short 30 minutes. I then ran over to the store to buy my membership.

After my purchase I spent an hour or so scourging the island for rare fish and bugs which I could sell for a high price back in Skyfall. I managed to fill up my transfer box quickly, and soon left back to town.

I went to go plant some banana plants on the beach, when I had a hunch Gulliver would be washed up ashore, and to my instinct, he was.

I spoke with him and he woke up immediately  He mumbled some gibberish about him being an alpha male, and then he asked me to figure out where he'd come from.

My options were:
- Germany
- Chile
- Italy

- Japan

I knew it was Italy and he soon realized that was where he'd come from. He thanked me and said he'd send me a souvenir in the mail the next day (I've yet to check my guide, so it'll be a surprise tomorrow).

I sold all my findings (and donated any unique organisms, as any good mayor would), and found myself with a huge amount of leftover cash - I used this to pay off my suspension bridge, and my loan on my house.

The villagers had donated a whopping 275 bells...

I entered my house to drop off my excess items in my drawers, only to find I had some mail. It was a Tissue Box from the Post Office to thank me for saving up 100,000 bells (also the painting I bought from Redd yesterday arrived, too. It was real).

I then headed back on to the island to go explore club tortimer, when I saw a vacant lot in the way.

I'm not too sure who Shari is, she might be the Hamster

At first I freaked out, I thought she'd decided to put her house in the spot I planned to build the Cafe (first Ricky putting his house in the camping ground, and now Shari... What is it with these rodents?), but a few short seconds later I remembered I planned on having the Cafe a little further to the right. It's ok, Shari, you're safe, for now...

I spent a few good hours on Club Tortimer, racking up bugs, fish and fruit (Reese was buying coconuts for extra today, so I made sure to take plenty). There wasn't anything of interest in the island shops, until my fourth or fifth island which had both a wet suit and some red hibiscus plants.

Sadly I was poor from having bought the membership card, but after an hour of dedication to minigames, I soon had enough medals to purchase the wet suit, and three hibiscus plants.

I then headed back to Skyfall - ready for tonight's journey.


  1. Seems like you had a fun day! Your house looks so cute, mine's a mess right now ):

    Also, pretty sure Shari is a monkey, but don't quote me on that, haha.

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  3. Did you take fruit and flowers while you were on the tours? You have the leave bugs and the like behind.... but unless you are doing a tour based around fruit or flowers you can KEEP any that you pick up during the tour! It's how I got all of the island fruits.


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