Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 8

Last Nights Caper
I spent the night island hopping, checking out the fine wares on Club Tortimer, and came across the toy hammer item... first victim... Ricky!

Can you believe this is midnight during the Summer Solstice?

My arched Zen door had been installed. I think it goes well with the fuchsia roof, it just doesn't match the wooden frame. Oh well.

Bree was also moving in to town tomorrow. If I remember correctly, Bree was one of my original villagers in City Folk, and she's a mouse. And what a surprise, I don't like her very well. Good on ya, Skyfall, keeping the tradition of ugly neighbours (oh well, could be worse...)

After checking on Rosie, to welcome her on her first outing since arrival, I came across Saharah. For 3,000 bells she offered to jazz up the flooring and wall paper of my house. I took her to my house where she gave me a miss-matched make over.

She gave me the Astro Wall and Sidewalk - I believe the flooring 
is an exclusive

Gala was actually home, for once. She's one of the few villagers (along with Rodeo) who never seem to be at home. Either they're out and about, or on the odd occasion when they are home, sleeping. I didn't miss the opportunity to sus out her house.
I'm not sure if it's just me, but Gala seems to be the gossip girl of Skyfall. When I first came to town, she seemed to have a thing for Tom Nook...

Gala on day #1, staring lovingly at Tom Nook

But as I've been living in the village, I seem to think that's just how Gala is. She's had a thing for Tom Nook (which I guess she just wanted cheap housing), and just the other day she was talking about how much she liked Rodeo. She even told me how she thought Ricky and Shari would be a great couple (eww). But today, she had her eyes on Julian. A pig and a unicorn... I don't think so Gala.

Maybe one day Skyfall will get a male pig villager, and Gala can fall in love for real... Stay strong!

Shari asked if I wanted to buy a painting off her. After buying a forgery off Ricky a week or so ago, I decided to trust the monkey. She had up-priced her prized painting, selling it for 4,704 bells, but it was worth it. It was a real painting (after all, there is no fake perfect painting). Thanks Shari, I'm starting to like you.

Whilst I was in Main Street, I checked out Nook's Homes to see what house exteriors he had in stock. The sculpted hedge fence looked nice and I decided to purchase it for a small price. It should go nicely with my current exterior.

Back in town I could hear a present flying by. To my surprise it turned out to be a golden slingshot!

It's kind of a thing that when I get bored, I just island hop at Club Tortimer, playing tours with random players, and catching beetles and sharks for some quick cash. I seemed to be getting lucky though. I found a silver axe and a sea globe, which I both purchased (I also found an orange and white wet suit which I purchased as well)

The sea globe looks lovely
Not sure why but I ended up buying three

After making a fair chunk of bells, I decided to head back to Skyfall and  build my second public works project. During last nights island hops, I got stuck on a 5 minute saving screen when trying to save. In the end I just reset the game, which granted me access to the Reset Center facility.

I contemplated building the center, but I figured I'd probably just push it away in a corner somewhere. As of now I think Skyfall's fine without a Reset Center in its midst. Instead I decided to build a fountain.

I think I ended up choosing a nice spot to build the fountain. I was going to put it in front of my house, but decided not to as I wanted more of a garden theme. So I found a nice spot next to the river, which should suit perfectly.
Thanks to my constant catches on the island, I was able to pay it off right away. We should have the ceremony some time tomorrow.

I headed over to Re-Tail to sell some more bugs I had left in the island transfer box, when I saw Cyrus talking to Reese.

I was rather shocked that he had woken up half way through the day. I was not expecting that, I kind of expected him to be awake one day when I first logged on. None the less, I was happy by his arrival. I could begin to refurbish my items (not that I had much to get done up, anyway). 

I dug around my house to see what I could get Cyrus to fix up. However I came across noting special. Though in my excitement of waking Cyrus up, I wanted to at least get one thing remade, which I chose to get my brown pot remade into a cracked pot.

I could've sworn I took a better picture of it when finished, but this 
is all I could find

I then hit up the island for the 100th time today, this time just checking what items they had in stock. After an hour or so of stalking, the cloudy weather in Skyfall seemed to have stopped. Now, there was a nice, beautiful rainbow in the sky. It only lasted ~30 minutes though.

After spending the day checking up on residents, and even more island checks, I decided to check on Gala in the evening to get the latest goss. Gossip Girl Gala had struck again! She said she had a quiz for me and asked some strange questions...

Perhaps another Ricky hater in out midst?

She seemed to be keeping up with the mayors social life. I was impressed.

My brother soon came home, and we StreetPassed yet again (I forgot to take a photo of his house this time, but it was nothing overly exciting) - he did however give me a blue balloon at the entrance.

Other Things
It was Saturday so I got a lot of gameplay in today (didn't even start my assessment or study, oops), so I tried to make the post somewhat lengthy (also to try make up for the short post on Thursday).

Your pain is my gain

I don't even bother to try understand Mac anymore...


  1. I also have Shari for a villager and she also sold me a real painting (one that did have a fake option). She may not be the most interesting villager but she's a keeper just for that.


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