Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 9

Today's post might be a little iffy due to the laptop caper, I'll try my best, though.

Last Nights Caper
To be honest I don't even remember what I did after last nights post. Usually I have a few images saved so I can remember, but this is the only image I've got...

I'll leave the rest up to you

Day 9
My new fence had been installed, I really like the look.

I also had some mail; a letter from the post office for saving 1,000,000 bells, and one from the HHA (I ordered a paint set from my brothers house).

I got the piggy bank for saving over 1,000,000 bells

I went to head to the Town Hall to celebrate the newly constructed fountain, when I saw Joan. She was selling turnips for 94 bells each, 2 bells down from last week. I attempted to buy 500 but I didn't have enough cash on me. I quickly ran to the post office to make a swift transaction and bought a beloved 500 turnips, I hope they don't let me down!

I contemplated drowning Ricky in the fountain, but I decided not to...

Now that the fountain has been completed, hopefully villagers will be influenced to request more public works projects. Though if I've added it up right, Isabelle should request the Dream Suite tomorrow or Tuesday. I can't wait!

My lovely row of perfect cherry trees~

Nook had put Bree's house up overnight, as I suspected, she was the green-haired mouse. I don't really like her, but she'll probably grow on me.

Since Bree's house was right next to the train tracks, I decided to check out Main Street. Nook's Homes has nothing of interest in stock, so instead I decided to pay off my mortgage and expand. I should be getting a second floor tomorrow.

I'm gradually becoming poor...

Nookiling's incredibly small store is beginning to annoy me... I honestly can't wait for it to upgrade, hopefully it should be sometime this week.

My relationship with Sable is gradually improving, too. I'm thinking I might get the QR code machine tomorrow, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

This was right about when I realized lappy wasn't working,and I got really stressed. I planned to start my English assessment today buy couldn't since lappy decided to die on me. After ringing up a few computer joints, to find they were all closed on Sunday, I finally remembered my neighbor is a computer expert, and called him over. After looking at my laptop for a few minutes he decided to take it home and have it undergo an operation. In the meantime, I decided to work on my assessment, until he came back a few hours later where I continued playing. 
All be it nothing interesting happened since so I'll give you a few out takes.

Tuna-Kahuna Tour, I just love the name

Shari thought I was breaking in and then gave me her refrigerator... 
It was pretty weird

And as you probably know, tomorrow is Monday, which means It'll probably be another short blog post... I'll try my best to make it appealing, though.


  1. How do you get so many bells?

    1. catch a lot of island palm tree bugs, which are worth anywhere from 6k to 12k.

  2. Um... how do you get pictures from your 3DS?


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