Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 16

Last Nights Caper
Didn't end up playing... oops. I really need to get back into the habit of playing after posting...

Day 16
Apparently I had mail? I don't remember what it was... 
Probably something I ordered from the HHA

As it was Sunday I decided to go find Joan. She was selling turnips for 107 bells apiece. I decided not to buy any, much to my dispense - later in the day I visited my friend Andy who had Reese buying them for 188 bells. Darn

As I was near the Town Hall I decided to take the opportunity to celebrate the opening of the Museum Renovation . Yay. I'm glad we got this built today. I can't wait to start collecting museum goodies!

I then hit up Main Street to do the usual yards (I got about 5 fortune cookies today since I visited Andy, the rest will be at the end of the post so they don't clog up the feed).

Kicks' also opened up today! I could finally change my shoes, as much as I liked the red sneakers I had on, I really didn't like them with my choice of clothing. It just didn't match and it wasn't really me (I prefer boots).

He had a nice assortment of shoes in stock (not so much socks). I bought out three pairs of shoes and both the socks for the heck of it.

These are the pair I chose to wear around

I also bought a pair of cleats whilst in Andy's town. I then checked my newly renovated museum floor.

What a sweetheart. She had a nice assortment of merchandise in stock (the carpet was the Museum Floor) - I bought out the whole place, and then decided to buy out all the display rooms for 10,000 bells each.
I decided to use one of the rooms to store all my fortune cookie items I'd been accumulating over time, which had just been rotting away in my drawers. The room is coming together nicely.

Back in town Gala had been doing her research and suggested a public works project. She suggested the fairy-tale streetlight. I'm not sure if I'll build it though. I do like the fairy-tale theme, though. Maybe I'll build it just to make Skyfall look pretty (not to mention we are lacking public works projects).

There was also yet another lost item at the town square.

It didn't take me nearly as long this time to figure out who it belonged to...

And then my worst nightmare had come true...

NOOOOOO!!! Now I have actually done something nice for Ricky. I really need to run him out of town... Maybe I could ask Gala to dig up some dirt on him for me...

I'd been meaning to fix up my towns flowers for a while now, organizing them in a nice cross pattern to influence them to produce more hybrids, which I finally got around to doing.

Hopefully we'll begin getting some more hybrids. After I rearranged and watered them, I went to update my dream data so all my fellow dreamers could view Skyfall in all its beauty.

Well dayum. 1,708 dreamers, thank you!

Julian also seemed to believe he had gained some magic powers...

Calm down buddy. You just don't seem to have the knack yet. Keep trying.

I then went over to go visit Andy, who was going to restart his town. I asked him if he'd like me to mind some of his items he wanted keeping and he said yes. 

By the time Andy and I had done our thing, it was getting pretty late, which made Gala decide it was the perfect time for a hot game of hide-and-seek.

They really didn't put much effort into their hiding spots. I managed to find them within a few short minutes...

Gala rewarded me with a broken post for my skills.

Unrelated News
Today was actually a rather busy day. I am going on right after this blog post just to check a few things, I doubt it'd be enough for a 'last nights caper' segment tomorrow. I'm really beginning to miss them. I need to start playing at night again.


  1. I am really enjoying your daily posts!
    They are very funny and it's nice to see how other towns are comming along!
    Thank you for a fun little pause every day ^^

  2. Hi! My name's Emi and I'm starting an AC blog like you! I found yours recently and wanted to let you know I put a link up to your blog on my website. If it's okay, let me know and if not, I'll take it down! I'm hoping we can be friends in AC too. :) , it should be up in a few more hours. Or you can try
    Thanks! Love your blog!


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