Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 18

Last Nights Caper
Didn't end up playing

Day 18

Katrina was in town today, second time I've had her, only 18 left until I can get her store in Main Street unlocked...

She charged me 500 bells for a fortune.

I was already wearing a hat so I had nothing to worry about. A negative fortune on relationships didn't matter to me much anyway, but I needn't worry about it due to my cutsie froggy hat.

We'd also hit just over 2,500 dream visitors. Not to mention the Tumblr is nearing 20,000 followers - I really want to do another giveaway of some sort when I hit the big 20k, but I'm not sure yet... I guess I'll figure something out, or just leave it... Hrmmph.

As I checked into Re-Tail they'd made a sale on the organ I put up. I don't believe my brother bought it, as I checked after he visited and it was still there. So maybe a villager bought it when I wasn't in store..? I guess I'll check out my villagers houses to see who snagged it.

I also decided in buying a piece of house exterior as I didn't feel like expanding my house (my upstairs is now 8x8 but it looks empty, so I ordered some more minimalist furniture and will show you tomorrow, if I remember) - I bought the cobblestone exterior. Usually I have an eye for design, and I'd have some idea if the exterior I was buying would tone in... Alas, I'm not too sure about this one, the steel-like door frame might seem a little off against the door and roof of my house... Guess we'll wait and see tomorrow.

Fortune cookie item guesses were wrong, once again. However I did get #34 right, but I'd already gotten it before so I guess I cheated (I got a Blue Falcon) - I swore for #8 I'd get a Luigi Hat, but instead I was given a Hero's Cap. I'm pretty sure you buy the Luigi Hat from the Able Sisters, anyway.

I chucked it in my Nintendo item display room. Once I get a
mannequin I'll put Link's and Samus's outfit on them. 

The clothing aspect of Skyfall had nothing of interest for sale. Labelle did have a cap in stock, which I decided to buy for the heck of it. I kinda wish I'd stuck with it instead of just adding it to the catalog. Looking back on it now it really went with my style.

Katie was also in town. Last week I got Katie and Katrina on the same day, and I got Katie and Katrina on the same day again (I wonder if it'll match up and get Katie again tomorrow lol).

She said she was thankful for taking her to New Tree, and that she'd like to venture somewhere else. However as I was lazy (and had just gotten back from a solid 5 hour work load from school), so I asked my brother to open his gates and dump her there (woah, the use of the word dump seems harsh...).

As we got to the train station and boarded the train, she dropper her ticket - I was just waiting for it to happen. Guess it's her way or protesting not wanting to go back to New Tree (she must hate it there, they have a lot of cat villagers).

I really need to change my town flag...

Whilst in New Tree, Roy handed me a gift (he stole all my perfect cherries yesterday so serves him right lul). He handed me over a sleek minitable (I think that's what It's called?). I put a gold nugget on it which I'd gotten today. My sleek corner seems to be coming along quiet nicely.

Unrelated News
As suspected I didn't get to play much due to being at school for most of the day. I do want to play tonight, I really do, but it's just past 12:30am (and by the time I proof read this and make changes it'll probably be 1am) and I want to watch the first episode of Devious Maids to see if it's any good, as I was (and still am) an avid Housewives fan (please don't judge). Besides, the only reason I want to clock in is to go scorpion hunting, but last time I checked the rains were still in Skyfall. So I guess we won't be doing much in town tonight.

Two orange pansies today, I put them together in hopes they'd breed.

Another silver slingshot. First one in a while (I didn't shoot it down). 
I would've thought the game'd block me from getting more as I'd 
already attained the golden slingshot. I guess not

The item I got for StreetPassing with my brother 10 times, I don't remember 
it's name but it has some weird name like a tweaker or something


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