Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 19

I can't believe tomorrow will be day 20...

Last Nights Caper
Didn't end up playing (nor did I end up watching Devious Maids...)

Day 19

Saharah was in town today. I believe this is her/his (I forget Saharah's gender oops) second time in Skyfall. For 3,000 bells she/he redesigned my house, giving me a cloud flooring and an office wall. I think the wall might be an exclusive.

Katie had also mailed me, explaining she caught the next train. Attached she gave me a toy camera (which I already had). I decided to give it to Cyrus and explore the many different colors it can be made into. First I made in black, and then to blue - however Re-Tail is closed now so I won't know what the blue camera will look like until tomorrow.

Rosie asked me to bury a time capsule for her. I'd never gotten one before so I was pretty excited. Although since I was in the middle of watering my flowers when she asked me I totally forgot to bury it...

It wasn't until I got back from uni that I remembered I had it. I decided to bury it next to her house, just so I'd know where it was when it's time to dig it up.

At uni I also managed to get one animal crossing streetpass. They didn't have an amazing house, but it was nice none the less. Hopefully they take notice of my 'Bidoofcrossing' Streetpass message and google it, and come across this post and message me saying 'yo dats me bro' - I've had the Bidoofcrossing message for the last 30 or so streetpasses, and no replies yet...

Since they had the Neutral Floor for their main room, I decided to order it as it's the matching floor for the minimalist series. It looks really nice.

If I have time tomorrow I may consider visiting their village via the Dream Suite...

Of course, once I order the neutral floor, along comes Rosie asking if I would like buy hers. To my dispense I said yes, and she gave it to me for 1,400 bells. I guess I'll just sell my spare one, no big deal.

My upstairs is coming along nicely

Unrelated News
Yeah, I really didn't get much time to play today. I woke up at 9:45 and decided to sleep in for another 30 minutes, but ended up going back to sleep entirely and waking at 11:20... I also had to go to a university open day, and by the time I had gotten ready (which takes me like 45 minutes), it was almost time to leave, so I only managed to squeeze around 30 minutes of gameplay. I also played a little on the drive home. Not planning on playing tonight (it's still raining in Skyfall). Also going to the doctor tomorrow (about my fainting), and need to study (eww). Cya!

Another one...

Gala trying to be a gold emerald digger

Orange tulips

Also for those wondering, today's fortune cookies gave me yet another Red Pikmin and ? Block, so I didn't bother to include them.


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