Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 28

Last Nights Caper
Essentially I just updated my dream data.

I also realised I forgot to include what Gulliver gave me in yesterdays post, so I'll do so here. He gave me a set of bag pipes.

Day 28
This'll be yet another incredibly short post. Today I just wanted to get to work on my major, and senior science assessment (working on second draft, and finished my senior science assessment, yay). Anyway, I'll include the rest of the details in the conclusion, just wanted to inform you that this'll be a short post.

Ricky came storming up to me, I was hoping he'd suggest another public works project as we haven't had any requested in the past days. But he just wanted to know if it was okay to call me Diva B. I said no, of course.

In Main Street nothing overly exciting was going on. I updated my dream data, there wasn't a huge jump in visits like usual, but it was an increase none the less. I'm happy we reached 5,000. I guess I just really want to hit 10,000.

Shrunk also showed me the fearful joke, yet another cute reaction. I'm glad he's finally giving me nice emotions.

Nooklings was also a disappointment today, nothing exciting in stock. At least one of the fortunes wasn't a duplicate. They did have a rococo floor in stock, which I bought. I guess it'll come in handy whenever I decide to make a rococo room.

The other reward was a coin

And finally I decided to finish up by getting a haircut. I honestly like this one the best so far, but will change it up once again tomorrow.

Unrelated News
I honestly do feel really bad when I give you guys short blog posts, but I've honestly been losing a lot of my time due to school work (and it'll only get worse from here). I'm not going to stop blogging though, but you need to get used to short blog posts, because I can see the happening a lot from now on. At least, until the start of November when I'm officially done with school. If you want to know the progress of my work, as mentioned above, I've finished my senior science assessment, and working on my second draft. I guess I'll start (and maybe finish) my biology assessment tomorrow, and get the rest of my second draft complete - I know yesterday I said I need to do three drafts, but I'm honestly thinking I'm going to have to do at least five.. Ughh. Well until tomorrow, cya!


  1. It's ok that it's short. :] I have a question, though! How come sometimes it doesn't let me scan some QR Codes you posted? Is it because I can't zoom in good enough or something?


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