Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 47

Last Nights Caper
who am i kiddin' here??

I jk Gandalf came over lul here are some happy snaps

Day 47

Today I actually studied so this'll probably be short... :(

I got some lovely purple tulips today. They don't really look that nice to be honest. Wish they made them a lighter color. Oh well.

My persimmon's seem to be going across quiet nicely. There was a glitch the other day, I suck at explaining but here goes. Anyway, I shook the tree I'm shaking in the picture. The three spots for the fruit to land were vacant, too, but when it hit the southern spot it just disappeared like it does as if there wasn't a space there, weird.

They're closed! Tomorrow we get to see the glorious T.I.Y (zomgl K.K. music! I keep forgetting to go on Saturday lol). I can buy bushes, everything. I'm really excited for it to open!

I got blue contacts again today. I still like the blue (maybe would look nicer if I was less tan?). I think I only have about 2 or 3 contact options left. Then maybe I'll go back to hair styles.

This was my highlight of the day. They finally had the bear Bidoof cap in stock. I bought it because I've been waiting for so long. I believe I already have the top, I just need the pants, then I can be the glorious Bidoof!

Unrelated News
Yeah I didn't get to play much. I didn't even go to Club LOL. I felt horrible this morning so decided not to go to school, and only played AC for ~40 minutes in the morning, so Club LOL didn't even open. Oh well. That's about all, cya!


  1. I love your posts even when there short
    from Aimee my town is called newton by the way.

  2. That's not a glitch, fruit does that when there's no free spaces around it to fall on.

    1. That's not what I said. I said there were three free spaces for the fruit to land, it just disappeared when it hit the southern spot.

  3. You have had all but 1 of the contacts, greyish blue, the choices repeat


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