Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 50

Last Nights Caper
Monster Hunter?

Day 50

Day 50... I knew it would come, but that's like half a hundred... It's so weird being on day 50... I can't get my heard around it... That's so weird! Anyway, onto today!

We have the fireworks show tomorrow. I'd like to think I'd go see it, but I honestly don't know if I'll get around to it (7pm on a Sunday night isn't good for me). I don't know though. I will try go to them, it's something I want to see. But idk.

Europe finally got their first SpotPass Home! America has had at least 5 (wouldn't be surprised if it's a lot higher than that). To be honest, I don't really care about the HH Showcase, but I do want to fill it up as best as possible, and since I don't take my 3DS anywhere (because I haven't gone out lately), any homes I can get are welcomed.

As you can tell, it was a Pikmin themed house. I've never played Pikmin so I probably didn't enjoy the house as much as other avid fans did. Also I'm guessing PNF-404 has something to do with Pikmin? Can someone let me know what that means lol.

Two days in a row! Nooklings didn't have any fortune cookies in stock! Woohoo! Instead they had the usual sparkler, and a fountain firework. I'd seen the picture in one of my Japanese guide books, but wasn't really sure what it did. So I bought it for the sake of it (I'm buying fireworks anyway so it's not like I wasn't planning on buying it).

I took it back to town, and there wasn't an option to hold it, so I dropped it on the ground and it did it's thing.

I kinda wish I'd left it 'til night to use it (though I didn't know what it did anyway so not like I'm that upset). Hopefully they'll have another one in stock tomorrow (let's cross them fingers and toes!), and I can set it off during the fireworks show (if I end up playing).

I also decided to give Cyrus a piece of furniture to remake, since I haven't done so in a while. I decided to give him the morning glory, which had the option of being remade into red (it looks more pink to me).

I also remembered K.K. Slider would be in town as it's Saturday, so I went to see him. I told him to pick a song himself. I really want K.K. Salsa (loved it since Wild World), but since I can buy tunes at the Nooklings store, I'm fine waiting however long until it's in stock. Anyway, K.K. Slider decided to play K.K. Synth.

Unrelated News
Yea I don't know why I bother putting this anymore, I don't really know what to put now that my major is finished lol. Nah in all seriousness I have trials all through next week and on Monday week... Eww. Also, since I'll probably forget, on August 23rd I have an 18th to go to (It's from like 6-12), and then another 18th on the 24th, again from like 6-12. So I don't know if I'll be blogging those days depends on how tired I am after the party. I'd like to think I would blog, but who knows. Anyway, that's about 3 weeks away. Well cya!

Pretty rainbows in Skyfall

Got around to cleaning all the stuff off the ground, not that it gave
me a perfect town, though. Need more public works projects

I finally updated my dream address (I guess I kinda lost interest once my address changed because I just wanted to hit the big 10k...). If you want my new dream address, it's 6700-2379-4935. I guess I'll make an effort to update it daily again (since my town is looking nicer), but Torotix hasn't gotten back to me with an updated banner (maybe she forgot or didn't get the message) so most of you are probabaly still going to the one in the header.
The dream address system will be up shortly (I think I have about 30 submissions), would like a few more (at least 50), but yeah.


  1. Page not found 404... Nod to websites in general ;)

    1. Now that I think about it, the pikmin live on an uncharted they put that in place for town name lol.

  2. PNF-404 is the name they gave earth in the Pikmin games. ^_^

  3. K.K. gave me the EXACT song tonight.

  4. That's funny, I live in Bangkok and I came across Pikmin 3 twice already! I like his themed house but I am not really kean about Pikmin...


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